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5 Tips on Working from Home with Kids

24 November 2021

Before the pandemic, only 5% of UK workers worked from home. However, the percentage of people working from home increased drastically to 47% by the end of the first quarter of 2020. Currently, normalcy has returned, but more people still want to work from home. If you are among the 26% who want to continue working from home, then you not only need tips on how to select the right furniture for your home office, but also how to work with kids at home. Here are five tips on how to work at home with kids around.

1.   Create a Schedule for the Kids

Have you ever asked yourself how one teacher controls tens of kids? Well, the teacher simply spells out a tight schedule for the kids. The kids know when to go out to play and when to sit quietly at their desks. Without a clear plan, the kids would outrun the teacher.

Similarly, you need a tight schedule if you are to remain productive with your kids around. The schedule should reflect a school timetable and should be followed strictly by school age kids. Schedule most of the work when the kids are busy, either with virtual teachers, or engaged in creative activities like painting.

However, just like you find yourself less formal at times, the kids will also have a challenge sticking to the school setup. You can allow them to watch some TV or engage in other forms of digital entertainment. Digital entertainment is good, since the kids will have minimal movement when you are busy.

Preschool kids may not follow a timetable. However, toddlers usually sleep after some time. Always take advantage of your child's sleeping hours to complete your assignments. If the kids cannot sleep, place them on a baby cot and sooth them as you work.

2.   Create a Common Working Space

Kids will always want to be closer to you. If you set your workstation away from their study area, they will keep interrupting you as they seek your attention. The kids may also want to be closer to you if they are feeling worried or uncomfortable indoors.

Setting their study area in your remote office minimizes the interruptions as they can play quietly in their corner. You can also keep a closer eye on the kids when they are just next to you.

3.   Take Frequent Breaks

Kids have a difficult time concentrating on one activity for long. While you should not expect them to match your concentration levels, consider adjusting towards their level. That would mean having frequent short breaks between your sessions.

During the breaks, you can accompany your kids outdoors and allow them for some minutes to play in the open. The breaks can also be used to get lunch or snacks. Physical activities help the kids to refresh their minds and get ready for another quiet session.

4.   Set Boundaries

If your kids are old enough to understand instructions, let them know when you do not want interruptions. There is no harm in issuing occasional stern instructions, especially when you are in a virtual meeting. Let them understand why you need to be left alone to avoid stressing them. Remember, stressed kids will keep interrupting you as they seek your attention. If you do not let your kids know that you are attending to some serious issues, they will keep interrupting your meetings.

If you are dealing with preschool kids who may not heed instructions, it is always good to communicate it to your co-workers. Clear communication ensures your colleagues are not surprised when kids rush into your office during a virtual meeting.

5.   Alternate Parenting Roles with your Partner

If you are lucky to have your partner working from home, you can alternate shifts to make it easier for the two of you. One can be left with the kids as the other is working. If there are no restrictions, your partner can even take the kids out to have some fun as you concentrate on a more demanding assignment.

If shifting roles is not possible, then you may have to check what works for you from the tips listed above.

You can also be innovative, since you know your kids better. Observing your kids will help you know what they enjoy doing and keep them occupied with it.

We Can Help

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