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10 Productivity Tools for Your Desk

26 April 2021

The colossal shake-up that we’ve all experienced (no thanks to a global pandemic) has changed our personal and professional lives for good. Whether it’s for the better, only time will tell, but we can take small steps to improve our lives as we slide back into some semblance of normalcy. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re already at the office or going through your daily nine-to-five grind in your home office, it pays to boost your productivity so that you can stay positive during these trying times. In fact, we all could use a little positivity in our lives right now.

Whether you’re looking to jumpstart your career or stay comfortable and efficient in your current job, there are a few productivity tools that just help streamline the process.  

So, kick back and say hello to a smarter and less stressful nine-to-five grind by using these products that will help you ace your productivity at work. (After all, you’re going to need more to go with that spanking new Kana Bamboo Standing Desk).

1. A Posture Corrector

Hey, we can all agree that we can all use a bit of help when it comes to correcting our posture. Besides, the months of lurching over our computer screens have given many of us a nasty back pain that just won’t go away, that is unless you do something about it. Correcting your posture with a posture corrector is the way to go to remedy bad posture. Not only will it make sure you have an upright posture during those long Zoom meetings, but many also come with a dedicated app that gives you a daily feedback report on your slouchiness. 

2. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Even if you’re working at home, there’s always a fair amount of background noise that you could do without – street sounds, honking horns, crying babies, and a spouse during the game can easily break your concentration. Using noise-canceling headphones while you work is the way to go to keep the background noise and voices outside, so the only thing you have to deal with are the ones in your head. 

3. Touchscreen Whiteboards

If you’re the serious type who loves to work on a whiteboard, then you are probably already familiar with how handy a good whiteboard can be and how quickly you’ll be staring at an old marker-stained one. It’s time you stepped into the 21st century and go get yourself an interactive touchscreen whiteboard that makes whiteboarding fun again. What’s more, it can be synced with any device, including your PC, laptop, tablet or phone, even a USB device. This nifty office gadget is able to capture everything that’s written on its surface and transmit it or store it away safely in its built-in memory. Fancy. We thought so too.

4. Portable Scanner

You don’t really want to have a bulky scanner lying on top of your standing desk. Saving space and creating a clutter-free environment is important, whether it’s at your home office or the office cubicle. This is where a portable scanner comes in. It can be used to scan documents, receipts, bills and photos that need to be sent to your computer or emailed out. This lightweight, compact scanner doesn’t take up too much space. In fact, you won’t even notice it. 

5. Keep a Journal 

Being productive is hard if you don’t know what you’re doing wrong. Having a journal and noting down how you’ll tackle the day will make sure you get more things done on that to-do list. It will also help you to pinpoint what you did during the day and what you could have done better to make your day even more productive. 

6. An LED Desk Lamp

Poor lighting will do a number on your eyesight. If you want to maintain those 20/20 specs, then you’ll need to lighten things up at your home office. A task lamp is a great option to shine some light on what you’re doing. LED desk lamps that provide wider coverage and softer light are ideal for reading off a screen or working on paper. With adjustable heights and glare-elimination features, modern desk lamps are the perfect choice to compliment the digital age. 

7. An Alarm Clock

If you really want to get more done in a day, then you’ll want to wake up early. Alarm clocks have come a long way from the boxy grandpa alarm that rudely wakes you up with the sound of blaring bells. Modern alarm clocks come in the form of the Echo Spot from Amazon. This product makes sure you’re awakened each morning with the sound you want to hear and not Chumbawamba on your smartphone. Also, it’s integrated with Alexa, so you’ll get all the information you really need on the news, weather, and your daily calendar, all from one device. Damn – if only the Echo Spot could make coffee. 

8. A Smartwatch 

Smartwatches come in all shapes and sizes (and price tags), but the Apple Watch Series 4 is something special. Not only does it keep you healthy, but you can go through the day completely hands-free, take calls, send texts, get notifications and ask Siri just about anything, except what she’s wearing. 

9. A Wireless Stick

I think we can all agree that we’d get a lot more done if we just didn’t have to connect everything to everything else (with wires). A wireless stick does away with that by connecting wirelessly to multiple devices at the same time without the use of wires or the internet. This means you can wirelessly access and share files on your phone, tablet, laptop or PC, with no USB hub required. 

10. Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

If you’re struggling to get a workout during this lockdown, you’re not alone. Whether it’s not possible to head outside where you live at the moment, or the gym is closed, or you’re still adjusting to the WFH routine, many people are finding it harder to squeeze in a workout routine during lockdown. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Wouldn’t you love to have an office chair that’s uber-comfortable and takes care of your fitness goals? No, we’re not tripping, for such a product does exist, and it’s called - drum roll please - The Sit2Go Fitness chair. Now you can forgo the gym’s assault bike or spin class and still get the workout you need. 

The Sit2Go Fitness Chair by FlexiSpot provides a super comfortable sitting experience, which could be a perfect alternative to your office chair. But that’s not all. It also allows you to ease yourself into a routine – after all,   you’re engaging in light cycling, which you can do pretty much anywhere (like, you’ll be going anywhere!), even while enjoying other work. What? How can it do that? What is this sorcery? You ask. 

The Sit2Go Fitness Chair is no magician’s trick, but rather, the ingenuity of a few folks at Flexi Spot. This amazing chair also doubles as a compact exercise bike, allowing you to get all the benefits of a professional exercise bike, along with adjustable resistance levels so that you can shake things up during your work-workout.  

This fitness chair boasts a breathable mesh fabric backrest that makes it a delight to sit on during (or after) a hard day’s work. The non-slip fabric and cushion mean your behind stays put while you work on that office presentation (or whatever it is you do). 

The seat cushion has been specially designed to provide support and functionality, which makes it a joy to work with (or on, in this case). You also get a one-touch lever that allows users to adjust the seat level according to their comfort. The easy-to-use, single-hand level means you can adjust the height of this work chair while sitting. 

Whether you’re working from home or at the office, all day sitting comes with its fair share of problems – health problems, to be more specific. Luckily, the FlexiSpot Sit2Go fitness chair has got you covered. The product comes with an integrated calorie tracker and customizable cardio so you can keep track of your fitness. The durable caster wheels and the compact bodyweight of just 220 lbs mean that it is easy to move from room to room or outdoors (if your work takes you there). 

But, the main selling point of the FlexiSpot Sit2Go Fitness Chair has got to be the ultra-comfortable pedals, which basically does all the leg work for you. The integrated cycle is quiet and offers a smooth experience that won’t disturb your work or your co-workers (or the kids if you’re at home). This is, by far, the best way to keep your mind alert and focused throughout the day while you work. 

The Sit2Go Fitness Chair by FlexiSpot comes with a wide adjustable height range making it perfectly compatible with different heights. This is great for those forward-thinking woke individuals who use a standing desk. This fitness chair makes adjusting its height according to the standing desk a breeze. The product also comes with a full 1-year warranty, so it’s a win-win, really. But, don’t take our word for it. Go ahead and give it a spin.