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10 Gift Ideas for Remote Workers

31 March 2022

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, more companies started embracing virtual work, and as a result, the number of remote workers has continued to increase rapidly.

Thus, you probably know a handful of remote workers. Maybe you are even one!

Although working from home has its perks, there are certain downsides as one may feel lonely, distracted by their surroundings, or detached from work.

This guide presents valuable and fun gifts you can give your work-from-home friends to boost their morale, enliven their home office, and help them maintain a positive approach while working from home.

Gift ideas for people who work from home

1. Reliable Internet Connection

To work smoothly from home, you need a robust, reliable internet. If your friends who are remote workers often complain about poor internet connection, you will be doing them a world of good by presenting a powerful router.

2. Technology accessories

Your friends may need an upgrade in their technology accessories to increase their productivity. So, if you're particular about practical gifts, you may want to get them any of these items:

  • Noise-cancelling headphones.
  • Wireless charger and pen holders.
  • Screen protector.
  • Extra-long charging cables.
  • Laptop bags.
  • Device cleaning kits.
  • Wireless Muffle Noise

This product can block distracting sounds. Although they have no noise cancellation feature, they still manage to block out some unwanted sounds and are suitable for most people. The pieces are affordable, and everyone can use them.

3. Customized desk calendar

Perhaps your remote worker friend's office is bland and well below tasteful; you can enliven the office by setting and decorating their desk with a fancy, customized calendar.

4. Green plants and Flowers

Remote work can be stressful and occupying, and as a result, your work-from-home friend may spend too much time indoors and miss out on nature's beauty.

Flowers and green plants can boost mood, ease stress, and generally help increase productivity.

Sending flowers or ordering houseplants for your friend may be the change they need in their home office space. Flowers and plants can spark up and add a refreshing vibrancy to their environment.

5. Sweatpants

The top-most perk of working from home is that you can wear anything you're comfortable in without worrying about a boss controlling your wardrobe choices.

Sweatpants are informal and very cosy. So, remote workers often don this clothing. Some may have a favourite pair of sweatpants they wear throughout the week because they're smooth, soft, and easy to wear while providing warmth.

Next time, you may consider giving sweatpants to your remote worker friend as they can be worn indoors and are fit for outdoor activities as well.

6. A Soothing Scent

Do your friends look stressed out and need to unwind to carry out their tasks without stress? Do they require stress-relieving balms?

If yes, you should get them aromatic scented candles. These candles smell nice and can be helpful in soothing and uplifting your friends' spirit to help them relax better.

7. Exercise equipment

Unlike working in an office where your friend can move about, commute, run an errand, go up and down the stairs, and stroll around the office, remote working is associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

You may encourage your friends' healthy habits by giving them a fitness kit, hand grippers, yoga mats and blocks, steel water bottles, etc.

8. Movement Reminder

Working from home means your teleworker friend will be sitting for long hours, which may not be great for their health.

Hence, you may consider getting them a fitness tracker such as a movement reminder. It's efficient, affordable, and can work on any device. Your remote worker friends can do a lot with the fitness tracker, like track stress, sleep patterns, etc.

9. Snacks, Lunch, and Coffee

Working remotely can be draining; thus, your friend can use a cup of coffee, some binge snacking, or lunch from time to time while in their home office.

Suppose your telecommuter friends find it difficult to create time to whip up something to help them stay energized. In that case, you can play the hero and place a huge smile on their faces by ordering a basket of goodies with different delicacies and a warm cup of coffee.

Also, you can get them a temperature-controlled coffee mug to ensure they can always have a delicious sip of warm coffee any time of the day.

10. Crumb Cleaner

Telecommuters spend most of their time on a laptop. They often eat or drink while working, and the tiny crumbs and specks that drop on their laptops can clog the keyboard.

Laptop crumb cleaner is a small and cheap gadget that can help your work-from-home friends sweep out residue, crumbs, smudges and keep their laptops in the best condition.

Bottom Line

This list covers essential gift ideas for people who work from home. So, whether you are looking for appreciation gifts or virtual gifts for teleworkers, this article should sort you out.

These gift ideas are budget-friendly and thoughtful for your teleworker friends. They are bound to bring a smile to their faces, improve their productivity, help them maintain a positive spirit, and boost their work-home experience.