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FlexiSpot Gaming Chair: Why This Product Is Good

22 April 2021

Gaming is acclaimed as the most financially rewarding in the entertainment industry today. From its inception in the 1950s, it flourished into a promising industry that people regardless of age, race, and gender join gaming competitions not just for entertainment but also for financial reasons.  The competition is not localized worldwide.

Tracing the historical background of gaming, it started with a game machine with the game called “Nim” in 1940.  It was reported that there were around 50,000 people who played the game in a span of six months.  The gaming industry grew bigger than until now more people are playing games online especially when the internet access and speed greatly improved.  It is reported by the ESA computer and video games industry report in 2015 that approximately “1.5 billion people with internet access play video games.” The industry also recently reported that gamers play games to bond with friends and family members.

The gaming industry expanded to mobile applications which was a success, especially with the Southeast Asian markets. In this period, it was reported that mobile gaming has attracted the attention of the mass media and there were comments about gaming that this industry became more popular.  Who does not know about Angry Birds?  A monopoly of the gaming industry was reported but recently Google and Apple have made their way into this robust industry.

For those not so enthusiastic about gaming, it is still good to know that there are big and great competitions all over the world. For example, the Call of Duty World League and the Call of Duty Pro League’ This world tournament championship brings together professional players competing for the international level.  It is acclaimed as the” game’s highest level since 2013.”  Counter-Strike:  Global Offensive Major Championships is” one of those most honoured competitive gaming tournaments in the world.  Simply known as the “Majors” the tournament is held twice a year with up to  $1 million dollars as prize money.

For eSports World convention, the longest-running running is known as ESWC then later on it was divided into multiple yearly events.  The FIFA eWorld Cup is a competition to determine the top virtual footballer in the world.  This is said to be “so big that it is broadcast in many countries all over the world.” For football fans, anyone can compete online to qualify for the     top players.  Still in the world of esports, the Fortnite World Cup is a competition that will bring the best players around the world to New York City for the championship battle.

Dreamhack of Sweden is also a big competition such that it helps to boost the local economy.  This is also one of the most prestigious events in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community.

The Intel Extreme Masters holds international events worldwide leading the way to world championships while The League of Legends World Championships is held every year.  Gamers should be able to make their way to the regional competitions to be able to secure an invitation. If you’re in, a “high-level play” competition can make you richer by $1 million and a 70-pound Summoner’s Trophy.

If you’re familiar with Pokemon and I think most of us are, there are also tournaments with Pokemon Play! At first, there are local competitions that eventually lead to an invite-only Pokemon World Championship.

For the FIFA Virtual World Cup Championship. The top 32 virtual players are headed by the defending champion Andries Smit from the Netherlands and Chris Bullard from the UK.

Online gaming is unstoppable especially today the internet access is readily available for everyone and it is cheaper now compared to previous years.  In the beginning, the gamer’s goal is to connect to the family members and also with friends.  But nowadays as it is becoming a worldwide phenomenon and yearly tournaments are held with huge amounts of prize money, almost everyone wants to play games online.  

For online games enthusiasts, a sedentary position while gaming could result in some back pains especially in the lumbar region.  This may happen especially with long hours of sitting and playing your favorite online games.  To avoid such discomfort, FlexiSpot is a company that creates and designs gaming chairs that are most comfortable to sit on even for long hours.  

For example, the Gaming Chair GC01 is super comfortable with a removable head pillow and lumbar pad for the best gaming experience without hurting your lower back. Another fantastic feature of the Gaming Chair GC01 is that it has an adjustable backrest so that you could adjust it to avoid discomfort and better movements for a winning streak.  It has also an extendable footrest and noiseless pulley for a better gaming experience. For more exciting products, you can visit the FlexiSpot website.