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FlexiSpot E7-Pro vs. IKEA BEKANT: Choosing the Ideal Standing Desk

02 November 2023

Never has it been more important to have a high-quality, ergonomic, and flexible workspace. With many of us needing to be at a desk for hours on end, sitting down at an uncomfortable workspace can lead to various health issues and a lack of productivity.

That's where the FlexiSpot E7-Pro and the IKEA BEKANT come in. These are two great options for anyone looking for a fantastic workspace. But which of these two desks are the best for your needs? Let's find out.

The Basics: FlexiSpot E7-Pro vs. IKEA BEKANT

FlexiSpot E7-Pro Standing Desk

Height Range: 63.5cm-128.5cm

Desktop Dimension: 120x60-180x80cm (six size options)

Load Capacity: 160kg

Cable Management: Under-desk cable duct with cable clips

Warranty: 10 years

IKEA BEKANT Desk Sit/Stand

Height Range: 65cm-125cm

Desktop Dimension: 120x80cm(only one size)

Load Capacity: 70kg

Cable Management: Cable management net

Warranty: 10 years

Stability and Durability

For those looking for a stable and robust desk, you can't go wrong with the FlexiSpot E7-Pro. Many users are often concerned about the stability of standing desks, but with a heavy-duty capacity of up to 160kg, you don't need to worry about that here.

While the BEKANT desk is well-made, it doesn't offer anywhere near the same level of load capacity at just 70kg. For those who want heavy computer equipment on their desks, there is only one winner.

It's not just in load capacity where the E7-Pro shines, but also stability. It has thick legs and a semi-C leg structure that not only gives it incredible sturdiness but also plenty of space underneath the desk.

The durability of the frame isn't the only impressive factor. Both have durable and stain-resistant desktops that can take many years of use. Overall, the stability and durability of the IKEA BEKANT is quite good, but the E7-Pro takes it to a whole new level.

Cable Management

On any type of desk, cables can be a nuisance. You need a good cable management system to keep your desk clutter-free and to stop your feet from constantly getting tangled up with your wires. Both the E7-Pro and BEKANT have solutions for this problem, but are a little different.

The E7-Pro is a more elegant as it employs a solid tray duct system, offering tidier cable concealment and a more aesthetically pleasing look. Added to the tray duct system, you'll also get self-gripping tape and cable clips to make your workspace tidy and organized.

The BEKANT cable system utilizes a net under the desk instead. While this works well, it's a little cruder than the duct system and not as easy to use. This is another tick in the box for the E7-Pro as more thought has been put into finding a more effective solution.

Adjustment and Size

Both desks have dual-motor systems, allowing an easy and quick transition from sitting to standing and vice versa. However, there does appear to be a significant power difference in these motors, shown by the BEKANT having a much lower load capacity. Looking into the reviews, it also appears that motor failure and inconsistent power delivery are some of the most common complaints with the BEKANT.

Regarding adjusting the desk, the FlexiSpot model also has a great additional feature. Its integrated keypad not only has a 4-way memory controller and built-in charger but also has a child lock to prevent others from messing with the desk or having any accidental inputs.

The height adjustment on both models is quite similar, but the E7-Pro marginally beats the BEKANT on both minimum and maximum height. The E7-Pro goes down to 63.5cm, while the BEKANT's minimum height is 65cm. On the other side, the E7-Pro goes up to 128.5cm while the BEKANT maxes out at 125cm.

The E7-Pro also has a much greater range of options when it comes to the size of the desk. It allows for a minimum desktop size of 120x60cm and a maximum of 180x80cm, with several other size options in between. The BEKANT has just one desk size option of 120x80cm, which may not suit your needs.

Ease of Installation

IKEA is notorious for its products being easy to assemble, and the BEKANT is no different. You'll be able to install it with no prior experience in very little time. The process should be smooth and without any of the frustration that can often happen when trying to build furniture.

Thankfully, the E7-Pro matches this ease of installation. There are straightforward assembly instructions, making it highly user-friendly. If you want a great standing desk that is easy to assemble, you can't go wrong with either option.

Cost and Design

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and which desk has better aesthetics will come down to personal choice. Both look great and have a modern design with sleek aesthetics, which will no doubt improve the looks of any office.

While aesthetics may be a personal choice, the E7-Pro does provide more versatility in color choices. The BEKANT offers eight options, including black, blue, white, and oak desktops with black or white frames.

In contrast, the E7-Pro offers two frame color options and an impressive eight desktop choices for a combined 16 color combinations. This includes white, black, and various wood finishes. While both desks look appealing, the E7-Pro offers greater customization potential.

Regarding cost, both desks are competitive. A BEKANT standing desk of the same size can cost up to £500, whereas the E7-Pro starts at £599.98. While that may seem like a significant difference, the FlexiSpot often provides substantial discounts and vouchers throughout the year. This makes it a cost-effective option for those who prioritize affordability without compromising quality.

Final Thoughts

When looking at all of the relevant factors, the comparison of these two desks is quite clear. The E7-Pro emerges as the superior choice for several reasons. These include superior durability, advanced motor system, more elegant cable management, and greater durability.

The only category that the BEKANT beats the E7-Pro is in cost, but with FlexiSpot often providing substantial discounts and vouchers, the difference is negligible. While the BEKANT is a more than respectable standing desk, it can't match the E7-Pro for durability and functionality.