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Five Essential Things You Need for WFH Life

29 March 2023

Today, the average workday doesn't revolve around an office. For many, it's all about being productive from home.

However, if your home isn't set up correctly, you might lose out on precious productivity without knowing it. Your environment affects your workflow much more than you probably realise! Whether you are a flexible worker or completely remote, optimising your home office is one of the secrets to WFH success.

In this blog, we're looking at the top five things you need to change the success of your WFH life. From ergonomic chair options to simple stress toys, we're counting down the top purchases home workers should consider. Scroll down to learn more.

1. Ergonomic Furniture

When was the last time you stretched? How is your back feeling right now? Are you sitting in a healthy position? If these questions made you reconsider your office arrangement, it might be time to try our ergonomic furniture.

Ergonomic furniture is designed to promote comfort and efficiency in the workplace. For example, an ergonomic chair is designed to alleviate back pain and encourage healthy sitting habits. An ergonomic office chair will make your day much more comfortable, improve your health, and boost your productivity (as you're not uncomfortable or distracted).

Other examples of ergonomic furniture include ergonomic keyboards, active seating, laptop stands, and even under desk cable management. These products are all about making your life easier.

2. Standing Desk

Office life requires employees to remain sedentary for most of the day, which is true for work-from-home employees, too. Anyone with a computer-based job usually spends hours sitting in one position, which can have various adverse health effects. These include poor circulation, aches and pains, and even a decrease in concentration.

However, one invention is here to battle these effects and provide an improved work-from-home experience — the standing desk.

Also known as a height adjustable desk, this piece of office furniture can move up and down. This accommodates seated work and standing work, meaning you can change your position throughout the day. The benefits of standing while working include increased circulation, a more alert mind, better digestion, and improved concentration.

Standing desks have become a work-from-home favourite, and today you can find them in all colours, shapes, and sizes to meet your home office needs.

3. Attractive Decor

When you look around your office, what do you see? Is it a place you enjoy spending time in, or is it a neglected area? Many of us skip home office decoration, but our productivity would skyrocket if we stepped back and invested in these spaces.

Get rid of the 'it's an office, I don't want to spend time in it' mindset. Instead, take some time and add small pieces of decor to the space. This could be as simple as adding some framed pictures or motivational quotes. You can also go big and paint the walls your favourite colour. If it feels good, try it.

If a home office mimics our personal style/aesthetic, we're much more likely to spend time there. We're not saying you should be overworking. However, sometimes we all need an extra push to get into the office and start the day. A few extra decor pieces could be the piece your WFH jigsaw is missing.

4. Stress Management Toys

Let's face it; work stress is real, regardless of where you're logging in from. The best ways to tackle stress include frequent exercise, a healthy diet, and time spent away from work. But when you're in the thick of a busy workday, these tools aren't always accessible.

Meet the humble stress toy.

Though these toys mimic simple children's toys, they make a world of difference when you're racing to a work deadline. Simply, these objects are soft and squeezable, allowing you to take out your frustrations without pulling your hair out.

You won't use these daily, but you'll be thankful you own one when the next stressful moment hits.

5. Exercise Equipment

As stated in the last point, frequent exercise is one of the critical pillars of stress management. Sadly, we can't just leave the home office and go for a run while we're on the clock. But, with an under-desk treadmill or desk bike, you can get your steps in while sending off those all-important emails.

An under-desk treadmill or desk bike lets you get in gentle cardio while in your home office. These are best paired with a height adjustable desk, which can raise up to give you extra space. Ideal for anyone who works long days but doesn't want to scrimp on movement — you can have it all!

Alternatively, keeping a small weight rack or a yoga mat in your home office can also promote healthy exercise habits to counteract the stress of modern life.

Optimising Your Home Office

So, is your home office perfected? Or do you need to make some additional changes? Investing in your home office space is a decision that will positively impact your professional life. You'll thank yourself in the future, trust us!

From allowing you to concentrate more to keeping your stress levels lower, these objects should be included in homes worldwide. Which one do you want most? Let us know!