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Ergonomic Gaming chair health benefits for computer users

12 May 2021

Sedentary lifestyles are widespread today. People seem to be spending the majority of their days sitting. This is bad for health. This could lead to lethargy, obesity, depression, and back pain. Gaming chairs help prevent these maladies. Upgrading from an average office chair can help you feel better, sit longer, and be more productive.

The truth here is that human bodies are made to be active. But despite that, the desk worker spends an average of fifteen hours sitting each day. Aggravating the problem is how employees sit while working.

Most companies issue their staff with cheap, traditional office chairs with fixed armrests and a fixed backrest with no adjustments. This forces the users into static sitting positions. The user must adapt using the chair which can cause health problems

There are scientific studies that a fixed sitting position limits movement and overworks muscles. And the muscles work harder holding the trunk, neck, and shoulders up. It accelerates fatigue, making things worse.

When the muscles become fatigued, the body tends to slouch. With it, a chronic poor posture which users suffer a host of health issues. Circulation slows. Wrong positions in the spine and knees place undue pressure on the joints. Shoulder and back pain occur. As the head slouches forward, the pain reaches up to the neck, creating migraines.

Under these circumstances, desk workers become weary, irritable, and demotivated. Several studies confirm a connection between posture and better performance. With good posture habits, workers are more alert and engaged. On the opposite side, poor posture makes users more prone to anxiety and depression.

Ergonomic advantages of a gaming chair

Standard office chairs force users into harmful sitting positions. extended sitting hours can lead to poor posture, joint strain, lethargy, and discomfort. On the other side, gaming chairs are “ergonomic”.

They come with adjustable components that meet modern ergonomic standards. Those emphasize two essential advantages. First, the presence of adjustable parts supports a healthy sitting posture. Second, the adjustable parts promote movement while sitting.

Effective posture support

A racing-inspired gaming chair has a padded bucket seat, high back, and backrest cushions. The cushions can adjust to support the spine’s natural curves. Adjustable armrests provide extra spinal relief by taking the weight of the arms.

To gain the best sitting experience, start by adjusting the seat height so your feet rest flat on the floor. Next, adjust the pillows. Slide the lumbar pillow into the small of your back. Move the headrest to cradle your neck. Lastly, lean your body into the backrest.

Benefits of using a gaming chair correctly

Gaming chairs have the same principles as all other types of ergonomic chairs. Its purpose is to support a neutral sitting position over long periods. Secondly is to make adjustments to move the body while sitting.

A neutral setting provides the least amount of stress on the lower back, shoulders, and neck areas. As the chair lessens muscle strain, users can have a more enhanced comfort plus more focus on computing. Sitting neutral also avoids musculoskeletal disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome.

1. Lumbar support promotes neutral sitting

Placing pressure on the lumbar curve will straighten the upper spine. To know how this works, sit down without back support and concentrate sitting straight.

You will notice two things. To support a straight upper back, push off the floor with your feet. Another is without back support; the back muscles are carrying your torso straight. Once it tires out, the spine becomes curved. Resulting in the lumbar curve flattens, letting the spine into a “c” shape.

Another way to observe back support, try sitting down in an unsupported chair, using a simple lumbar support. Use a rolled-up towel, yoga mat, or weightlifting belt. All of these exerts pressure onto the lower back curve, the spine will naturally straighten up.

Gaming chairs design is based on this concept by adding features to improve comfort and support. A tall padded backrest promotes full-body support; adjustable neck and lumbar pillows which keep the spine in alignment. 

2. Seated movement keeps the body fresh

Ergonomic scientists’ consensus says that a perfect sitting position doesn’t exist. In a gaming chair, a neutral position is a default. From the default, angle the seat or backrest to align your hip, thigh, or back muscles.

Aside from the posture support, gaming chairs offer several seated movement options. For example, you can adjust the backrest recline, rock the seat bucket, or tilt and lock the seat pan at angles. 

It aligns the legs, hips, back, and upper body into the best position for upright desk work. It also takes the weight of the body, supporting it to stay upright. As a result, the spine and muscles get spared from working too hard.

3. Options to move while sitting

The body needs to have movements, rarely making static postures. For example, it takes one hour of static sitting to shorten the spine. But using a dynamic swiveling seat while sitting spread out the spine and promotes flexibility.

The seated spinal stimulation lessens the risks of sedentary habits. In a gaming chair, users can easily change position to activate the arms, back, abdominal, or leg muscles.

Small movements keep muscles active without straining. It promotes circulation, strengthens core muscles, and keeps the mind active.

4. Gentle posture rehabilitation

Sitting slouched over your desk alters the natural curve of your spine. It increases strain in the muscles supporting the spine. It also rounds the shoulders and tightens the chest, weakening muscles in the upper back.

But there are more benefits from a healthy posture than just looking good. You will feel good also. Here are some of the health benefits computer users can expect from having good posture:

● Reduced lower back pain

● Fewer headaches

● Reduced tension in neck and shoulders

● Increased lung capacity

● Improved circulation

● Improved core strength

● Higher energy levels


Gaming chairs provide good posture with a high backrest and adjustable pillows. The backrest takes over the weight of the upper body so the muscles won’t strain. The pillows help the spine in a healthy alignment suitable for extended periods. All you do is adjust the chair to its desired setting and lean into the backrest. Until then, expect several benefits that improve wellness and productivity.