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Ergonomic Fitness Equipment and Linear Workstations

23 August 2021

Optimizing Fitness in a Limited Space

Everyone aims to stay fit and healthy all the time. This is because when you remain fit and healthy, you could achieve a lot, especially if you are a corporate worker. On the other hand, maintaining this kind of lifestyle in the office is a bit of a challenge for some reasons:

  • You might be sharing spaces with other employees.

This is factual. When you enter a certain office, you would see that most workers share spaces. Most of the time, the type of workstation that they have is the linear workstation. This gives a smaller workspace for the worker. There is less privacy with this because, in a linear workstation, you're the stations are facing each other while the work area where the worker moves are open hence all the movements that the worker does can be seen by his colleague. 

  • You have limited time even for a 15-minute workout.

In a linear workstation, it's sometimes difficult to have your workout because you are sharing spaces with other colleagues. It might be possible that you disturb others when you try to exercise because of the limited space too. The usual pieces of workout equipment are big and would not fit a space at the linear workstation.  

  • Your workstation does not have a wide space. 

Usually, the single workstation has only 61-76cm clearance hence it's difficult to put extra equipment around. 

So, looking at these challenges, we may see that putting extra pieces of fitness equipment is impossible for a single cubicle at a linear workstation. That might be the case with the common fitness equipment that you might see in the market but with Flexispot ergonomic equipment, your fitness would be revolutionized and the small space where you want to exercise on would be optimized. That's the power of the fitness equipment from this company that is well-known for the standing desks, sit-stand desks, and office organizers. 

Fitness and Ergonomics, Revolutionized

Flexispot is dedicated to bringing you a new face of ergonomics. An optimized quality that you cannot see in other companies. Fitness and ergonomics will have never been this special once you try the ergonomic products from Flexispot. 

If you are looking for a stationary bike that could be used while working on your stand-up desk, then Flexispot has it for you. This is the Under Desk Bike V9U that is the best standing desk, mate.  

The Under Desk Bike V9U is an office chair and a stationary bike in one. So, you can make sure that you can lose some calories and burn fats while you do some office work and without going off the chair. This means that even if your workspace's dimension has around 70cm-clearance, you can ensure a quality exercise on a stationary bike.

You should not worry about the noise which may disturb your colleagues as well. This is because the desk bike could be in full operation under 50db noise. That's amazing! Imagine you are all busy concentrating at the linear workstation. You don't need to worry that some would be distracted once you cycle on the desk bike. You may also control your foot and leg movement with this piece of equipment because the Under Desk Bike V9U has an 8-level resistance. Hence, you would not worry that your leg and foot would hit the desk bike and you would hurt yourself. With this piece of equipment from Flexispot, you are well-protected and you may ensure that you could exercise, tone your physique, and become stronger with this piece of equipment. 

At Flexispot, you can also choose another piece of equipment that is stationary and could fit a single workstation. Just like the Desk Bike V9U, you could propel your workout routine with ease. This is the Sit2Go 2-In-1 Fitness Chair. This piece of equipment has a breathable mesh that could support your lumbar. The mesh backrest is wide enough to support your spine. Thus, if you need to do a quick stretching after working for 2-3 hours, you could take a break, clasp your hands together and stretch your arms together with your back that leans on the backrest of this piece of equipment. Once you do it, you may feel that you are energized and your spine is erected. That's one of the advantages of using the Desk Bike V9U.

Manoeuvring this piece of equipment is also easy because you just need to rotate the resistance dial clockwise if you want to increase the resistance and counter-clockwise to decrease the force. When you do it, you can stabilize your movements; not too rigorous and not too light. This could be helpful especially when you have a condition wherein your blood sugar spikes up when there is too much force when exercising.

With this piece of equipment, you can be sure that you can burn calories faster and more effectively. You could maintain a healthier physique despite the busy schedule and pile of work that you need to finish in the office. This is because you don't need to get off this equipment. You need to set the resistance dial on your desired level and pedal on it smoothly. You can make sure that you would be able to avoid the sedentary activities that some people face in the office because of the lack of exercise. 

So, let's say you have either the Desk Bike V9U and the Sit2Go 2in1 Fitness Chair but you think a piece of equipment still needs to complete a fitness routine. If you are wondering what could make your routine complete, then Flexispot has it for you. It also offers the Adjustable Dumbbell LCL which is anti-rust and durable. If you want to tone your muscles and build strength, this one is suitable for you. With just one swing of the hand, you could tone your muscles fast. You could enjoy using it together with the fitness chair or the desk bike. This could also be used when you are sitting at a linear workstation because using this would not create much noise so it's very ideal to work out with his and one of the fitness chairs mentioned above. 

Final Thoughts

Your health and figure should not be compromised no matter how narrow your workspace is. There are countless ways to perspire and lose some calories even when the clearance of your workstation is just 70 centimetres. Hence, the fitness equipment from Flexispot is created to ensure you excellent health.