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Ergonomic Chairs: The Solution to Long-term Sitting Fatigue

18 Apr. 2023


Did you know that 1 in 8 people in the UK experience constant fatigue? A further 25% report feeling exhausted "most of the time," while 33% say they are fatigued "half the time" or less.

It claims that the causes of this widespread exhaustion are frequently clear, such as having a kid who keeps you up at night or working a lot of long hours.

According to a study online cognitive capacities decline in those who are fatigued from their jobs. As a result, people perform badly when it comes to paying attention to details and staying alert.

Moreover, people that are fatigued tend to make more mistakes and perform less efficiently. Fatigue at work can result in accidents and even fatalities in professions where safety depends on the ability to think clearly.

Do you have a job that demands you to sit for long hours? You should know that it gets more physically demanding to sit for prolonged periods of time. The good news is that it is possible to reduce the effect of long-term sitting. One of the easiest solutions to fatigue caused by long-term sitting sessions is by investing in getting an ergonomic chair.

What Does Ergonomics Mean?

The Greek words "ergon," which means work, plus "nomos," which means laws, are the roots of the English word ergonomics. It's basically the "science of work" and or "laws of work".

The study of ergonomics focuses on the interaction between employees and the settings in which they operate. It should be noted that it goes beyond simply reconfiguring workstations or introducing cutting-edge chairs; in reality, it helps businesses improve employee capacities and productivity while also lowering maintenance costs and minimising liability risks.

It functions as a bridge between humans and technology, enhancing both cognitive and physical abilities. The ideal working environment is produced by good ergonomic design, which eliminates inefficiencies between both the work and the worker.

What is An Ergonomic Chair?

An ergonomic chair is one that has been built to ensure optimal body support in terms of appropriate posture, comfort, and one's overall health. There is no one-size-fits-all when it concerns chairs. Ergonomic chairs can often be customised to a person's preferences and offer a great degree of adjustment to complement the job at hand.

Your feet should be able to be flat on the floor, and you should be capable of maintaining 2-4 inches between both the chair's edge as well as the back of your knees when sitting in an ergonomic chair. It needs to be made of soft but sturdy materials that don't squeak as you move or reposition your body. Also, it supports body parts such as your neck, shoulder, back, and arm in order to ease pressure and tension.

The most common features of an ergonomic chair include adjustable arms, height adjustable seat, a sophisticated mechanism intended to promote greater movement during your working day, and movable lumbar support. These features will be discussed below.

Features an Ergonomic Chair Should Have

The following are some of the features to look out for when getting an ergonomic chair:

Adjustable height

A gas lift will be included on an ergonomic chair so you can change the height at which you are seated whenever you want to. The ideal height is when your forearms are parallel to the surface of your desk. If you notice that your feet do not stay flat on the ground in this posture, you will require a footrest.

Breathable and firm material

According to HSE guidelines, the seat, armrests, and backrests must all be thickly padded to prevent the worker's body from pressing uncomfortably against the chair's structure. To guarantee that the chair stays comfortable for a decent amount of time, the padding needs to be firm and of good quality.

Chair covers must be non-slip, simple to wash or clean, and made of breathable material. High-quality, long-lasting covers will improve comfort and increase the chair's lifespan. It is important that the upholstery doesn't pose a dangerous fire risk.

● Flexible lumbar support

Ergonomic chairs strengthen the spine's natural 'S' shape, thereby preventing drooping and reducing pressure and stress on the spine and pelvis. For the best support, a flexible lumbar support makes it possible for users to adjust the backrest so that the chair's curve matches the curve of their spine.

Swing function

An ergonomic chair's swivel aids users' manoeuvrability, enabling them to access various desk locations more easily without exerting themselves unnecessarily.

Foldable armrest

By allowing the shoulders to relax, armrests aid in easing upper-body strain. Armrests should not be used while typing as this minimises wrist movement, which results in forearm muscle strain and overall arm movement. So, when not in use, your ergonomic chair should have a feature that permits it to be folded.

How can an Ergonomic Chair Help to Reduce Long-term Sitting Fatigue?

Ergonomic chairs are made to assist users in sitting comfortably, lowering their risk of back discomfort and other problems. Moreover, they lessen tension and elevate mood. Ergonomic chairs increase workplace productivity and reduce fatigue, in addition to enhancing physical wellness.

They reduce long-term sitting fatigue by performing the following functions:

● They help to reduce putting undue pressure on your spine.

● The high-back office chair supports your head, neck, and shoulders by keeping them in a neutral position, avoiding strain and discomfort.

● Ergonomic chairs offer lumbar support that can be adjusted to match your specific needs.

● They aid in maintaining proper posture.

● They elevate your mood and alleviate tension.

● They increase your productivity at work.


Ergonomic chairs promote optimal posture and seat depth to decrease health issues associated with prolonged sitting, whereas traditional office chairs induce back discomfort and hip pressure.

In summary, ergonomic chairs are the best chair option. They are trendy and sophisticated, comfortable, provide considerable health benefits, and contribute to the long-term success of an organisation. Invest in getting the best office chair today!

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