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Ergonomic Chairs and Lumbar Health: Expert Insight Into the Impact of Seating on the Body

29 January 2024

Ergonomic chairs play a crucial role in maintaining lumbar health and overall well-being. If you neglect the choice of chair you use - be it for working at the office or playing video games at home, you are bound to start suffering from pains and aches, which can develop into more chronic conditions over the years.

To avoid that, we recommend that you read this article until the very end. Over the next 5 or so minutes, we're going to go over the impact of the seating you choose on your body and the importance of choosing an ergonomic chair with proper lumbar support.

The Impact Your Seating Will Have on Your Body

The chair you choose to sit on will have an impact on both your body and mind. Below, we're going to discuss some of the main areas that will be impacted over the years if you decide to neglect the chair that you use for work, playing video games, and other activities that require you to sit down.

Posture and Spinal Alignment

Poor seating can lead to bad posture, causing misalignment of the spine. In the beginning, this can cause discomfort and pain, and if ignored, eventually, it can become chronic. At that stage, fixing your posture and spinal alignment by investing in a proper chair will not do as much as if you had invested in one early on.

Lumbar Health

Inadequate lumbar support can result in increased pressure on the lumbar spine, contributing to lower back pain. Over time, this pain can turn chronic, as your lumbar spine becomes increasingly more compressed. In some cases, poor lumbar health as a result of poor posture can be debilitating and seriously impact your work and personal life.

Muscle Tension and Fatigue

Chairs lacking proper support can cause muscle tension and fatigue, especially in the neck, shoulders, and lower back. This is largely since your body has to adjust to the chair (which is never a good idea) instead of the chair being able to adjust to your body.

Circulation and Blood Flow

Prolonged sitting in chairs that restrict blood flow may lead to poor circulation and related health issues. To prevent this, we recommend investing in a quality and comfortable ergonomic chair. To ensure that you have proper circulation and blood flow, on top of using a quality chair, we recommend that you take regular breaks and move around every 30-40 minutes.

Productivity and Focus

In the beginning, using a standard non-ergonomic chair will do the job and you'll think very little of it. However, as the chair starts to take its toll on your body, you'll start to feel the negative impact of improvement sitting.

This can be anything form discomfort to straight-up pain. And the bad thing is that it's not just your physical body suffering. You will also start to notice a hit in your overall ability to focus, and as a result, your productivity.

The Solution: An Ergonomic Chair With Proper Lumbar Support

No chair in the world will take away the drawbacks of leading a sedentary lifestyle. So, keeping active on a daily basis is key to preventing long-term health complications. That said, the seating you choose will play a major role in the amount of damage you'll do to your body over the years if you are sat down for hours every day.

That's why we designed and built numerous ergonomic chairs, which you can browse on the FlexiSpot website. We have a selection of ergonomic chairs with proper lumbar support to fit almost every need and budget. Whether you're after a high-end product or a more budget-friendly alternative, we are very likely to have a chair that fits your needs.


Regardless of the type of chair you use to sit down on, if you do it for long periods of time on a consistent basis, you are bound to negatively impact your body. That said, the chair you use will play a major role in just how much your body is impacted by working an office job that requires you to be sat down for hours every day.

That's why we designed the FlexiSpot ergonomic chairs. They can provide you with comfort and more importantly, proper lumbar support to keep up a straight posture throughout the working day.