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Enjoy the Benefits of Office Plants

26 January 2022

A notebook, pens, computer, maybe a stapler and your favourite coffee cup: these are all pretty common things to find lying around your workspace. Still, although every inch of an office desk is precious, it’s a good idea to make space amongst your essential items for a living, breathing pot plant.

Face it, pot plants look nice, add interest, and if you’re lucky, they smell good as well. All this, plus they are said to boost your health. What could be better?

If growing things isn’t your strong point don’t let that put you off. You don’t need to be a green-fingered gardening fanatic to enjoy the benefits of plants in your office space.

Why We All Need a Personal Office Plant

The benefits of bringing a little nature inside are immense for human beings. Scientists tell us this is something we crave, which explains why we love visiting parks or spending time in our garden. 

Adding a plant to your desk decor is a pretty easy way to enjoy the benefits of the natural world right there in your workplace. 

Here are a few rewards desk-bound pot plants offer those who care for them.

Desk plants help reduce stress

Plenty of people report that being around potted plants generates feelings of calm. Opinions on exactly how or why a bunch of soil and leaves may help diffuse anger, reduce stress, and boost positivity are varied. But who cares? If a pot plant on your desk improves your mood, just enjoy it.

Desk plants boost productivity

Nobody can work at full pelt every moment they’re at their workstation. It’s simply not realistic. The goals of a sensible manager are to minimize downtime and improve employee focus, dedication and achievements.

Many workers seem to improve their memory and concentration levels when exposed to a nearby pot plant. Possible theories to explain this include the notion that the green colours calm our brains, or that plants spark a protective instinct. That would make you a plant parent.

Perhaps it’s being responsible for a living thing that contributes to these outcomes. Or could the plant be acting as a pseudo-co-worker and helping to provide a form of social commitment and support? There are so many mysteries to reveal.

Ultimately, suppose a plant on your desk leads to a more meaningful and productive employee experience. In that case, it’s worth the minor investment.

Choose the Right Plant

Deciding on the best pot plant to sit proudly on your office desk is not always easy for non-gardeners. Still, don’t be tempted to stumble into a garden centre and just grab whatever looks good.

Before reaching for a thriving pot plant, you must consider three key points.


How much natural light reaches your desk? Some pot plants will thrive in the half-light; others will give up pretty swiftly.


Be honest. How much time and effort will you make with your plant when the novelty wears off? If you forget to water it, some plants can forgive you or even prefer it that way. Get this wrong, though, and you’ll soon pay the price. 

There’s something incredibly sad about watching a plant’s leaves curl up and die from thirst or drowning. Oh, and sneezing may be your reward for forgetting to dust a leafy green desk-mate.


Just like cute little puppies can grow into massive adult dogs, some plants like to expand. Some do this dramatically fast. Avoid your pot plant soon needing its own desk by making some good choices at the start. Look for something easy to manage or particularly slow to grow.

Our Top Desk Plant Suggestions

We’ve made this easy by choosing just three pot plants that are perfect for your office desk.

Choice #1 – Cacti

Cactus plants are incredibly independent plants. So long as they can get some natural light, cacti are good to go. They only need watering every few weeks, except in summer, when a weekly drink is appreciated. Still, a cactus will survive being left alone while you take a holiday.

Do approach with care, though, as those prickles are not just there for decoration.

Choice #2 – Aloe

Aloe plants are another that needs a couple of weeks between watering. They can store reserve water in their leaves and can be almost ignored through the winter.

It takes a few years to outgrow its starting pot, so it won’t become triffid-like overnight. Treat your aloe to the odd gentle leaf wipe and plant food feast, and in return, it will trade you soothing aloe liquid that soothes irritated skin.

Choice #3 – Spider plant

Spider plants are pretty forgiving. If your desk misses out on natural light, this plant won’t care, and if you forget to water it for a few days, that’s cool as well. Watch out, though, as they grow pretty quickly. If you aren’t comfortable repotting as it expands, stick with the aloe or cacti.