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Embracing Reading With Your Child

11 June 2024

Embracing Reading with Your Child for Lifelong Learning

Creating quality time with your child may feel difficult between school and work commitments, digital distractions, and household chores. But finding time to connect with your child and support their learning is essential, whatever their age. Reading is a simple but incredibly powerful tool to foster a close relationship and confident reading skills with your child.

Having the right tools at hand to enjoy reading together, and nurture your child's love of reading for life, can be a great starting point for embracing reading with your child. Let's explore some of the benefits of reading with your child, and how FlexiSpot can support you both in this exciting journey together.

Why Reading with Your Child Matters

Reading from an early age with your child helps cognitive development, and helps your child develop vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking skills from a young age. The earlier these foundations are made, the better chance your child will have at navigating language, reading, expression, and comprehension with skill and ease in later life.

Making time as a parent to read with your child also offers a wonderful opportunity for emotional bonding, creating a sense of security and intimacy that can stand the test of time. Sharing stories can also provide a safe, nurturing space to explore complex emotions and life or social situations, helping your child to develop empathy and understanding for the world around them.

Presenting reading in a positive light and reducing digital screen time can help encourage a love of learning for life, and nurture your child's confidence in learning early on. Instilling a sense of curiosity in your child can prepare them for a lifetime of adventure and discovery, helping them tackle academic and social challenges ahead of them comfortably.

Creating the Perfect Reading Environment for Your Child

Embracing reading with your child has to start with your efforts, but creating the perfect reading environment for them also goes a long way to making reading feel like a regular activity, and encouraging their independence and confidence with reading and learning.

The thoughtful design behind our children's desks starts with your child's learning and curiosity. We've created desks with their growth and comfort in mind, offering the best in ergonomic support, functionality, and enjoyment for young minds to take ownership of. Let's take a look at some of our favorite children's desks from our range and see how they could be a great addition to your child's reading journey.

Our Favourite Children's Desks

The FlexiSpot SD2 Kid's Desk

With a motorized adjustable height system at the touch of a button, built-in collision prevention technology, and a child safety lock, the SD2 Kid's Desk offers a height-adjustable desk with optimized safety. Rounded corners and a tiltable desktop make for an extra child-friendly desk that's set for all of their learning, reading, arts and crafts, whilst handy added storage in hidden drawers and bag hook means they can keep their favorite books and school supplies nearby.

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The SD2 combines safety, ergonomic height adjustment, and savvy storage, offering a great addition to your child's room to nurture their independence and confidence when it comes to reading and learning, and a great spot to share the joy of reading together.

The FlexiSpot SD8 Children's Desk

The SD8 Children's Desk levels up from the SD2, perfect for older children or truly avid readers! With manual height adjustment child safety lock, and optional height memory presets, the SD8 has you covered in height adjustment ergonomics.

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The SD8 also boasts an increased weight capacity to our other children's desks and larger desktops, meaning more room for stories and studies. The beauty of the SD8 desktop is a flip mechanism, meaning this desk can transform into an easel or tilted reading space, as well as adjust to different heights. Perfect for a range of arts and hobbies, as well as supporting reading in any position. A magnetic book stopper also keeps books and papers tidy and holds stationary in place. The SD8 is a great investment for older children, an opportunity to nurture their reading at every age!

Embracing Reading for Your Child's Future

From height adjustment to savvy storage and thoughtful desktop design, a desk that nurtures independence in your child is an ideal investment in embracing your reading journey together.

Reading is a real gift to give your child, developing their cognition, understanding, reading skills, and self-confidence, as well as creating a strong emotional bond together. Incorporate a regular reading routine and invest in a wide range of books, fiction, and nonfiction, to help develop a genuine love and curiosity for reading, and help your child thrive on the road ahead.