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Draw and Behold: Craft Works of Art with FlexiSpot

26 May 2021

The best ergonomic solutions for the best artist in yourself.

Drawing is a pleasurable and entertaining hobby enjoyed by a large number of talented individuals. Additionally, some pursue careers in cartooning, which requires them to generate poignant and unique artwork and crafts. However, having a continuous flow of inspiration is complex, especially now that many are facing trying times amid the pandemic.

With this in mind, it is critical for you as an illustrator to have the appropriate office equipment to assist you in achieving your highest goals and producing the best work that is highly inspiring for everyone who will see your beautiful works of art.

How can you reach the pinnacle of success if your back pain prevents you from doing so? You no longer need to be concerned about your head overflowing with brilliant ideas because FlexiSpot has all of the ideal solutions to your major workstation problems!

Therefore, take a seat for a moment and read on for the furniture solution to your office problems.

Double the Solution for the Best Working Station

Your workstation is where you bring your best ideas to life by illustration. That is why the space in which you create beautiful works of art must also be ergonomically advanced to prevent problems that might slow you down.

Speaking of the back, FlexiSpot is concerned with your posture and how you sit when working. So, creating the ideal ergonomic office chair to complement and use in your home office has made FlexiSpot work hard to provide you with quality ergonomically furniture.

The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair's understated but elegant style is ideal for the no-nonsense illustrator due to its simple nature, including lumbar support. The flexible backrest's ultra-breathable fleece mesh material, made from imported Italian chenille and K+R temperature-sensitive fiber is suitable for prolonged periods of sitting because it allows for optimum airflow, which effectively prevents sweat during the warmer months. Your most delicate garments will be treated with care, as the premium fleece mesh will not lint them.

When you buy this chair, your bottom and arms will be oh-so-gracious to you because the armrest and seat are padded with the finest cushioning available to meet your desires.

Now that we've discussed the best features of the Soutien, it's time to invest in the ideal desk. Of course, we're not talking about the standard office desk here; we're talking about the perfect standing desk. The ED1B W Height Adjustable Drafting Table is the ideal all-in-one desk solution for your at-home coloring and drawing needs. Its adaptability and utility will increase your productivity by preventing you from sitting all day while you work. Adjusting this standing desk is also a breeze, thanks to the four programmable presets that allow for optimum comfort when creating masterpieces.

For illustrators who want a smooth arrangement of their desks, the Height Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B features an integrated, easy and spacious pull-out drawer that you can use to store your machine and other art supplies such as paints and pens. Its sleek and futuristic style will also complement your home office, as it features a wood finish that adds an authentic touch that prevents your home office from being dull.

Inspirations Float Everywhere

As with art supplies, you are having sources of inspiration is a necessary component of illustration. The majority, if not all, of creators throughout history and today are imaginative people. This is why investing in racks that will preserve the quality of your inspirational pieces is a brilliant idea. The one disadvantage of the majority of bookcases is their cumbersome and generic design. If you use standard shelves, the items inside will not be shown tastefully.

The Floating Shelves WSF1 from FlexiSpot are the ideal solution for an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home office. You can choose between a light maple or a dark mahogany finish for these stylish yet practical floating shelves to suit your preferences. Additionally, each purchase includes a collection of three hooks for the individual frames, which makes organizing fast and straightforward.

To further enhance the appearance of your working station, the included hooks can be adorned with green hanging plants to add a fresh look to your office. Do not be concerned about your comics falling to the ground and being lost, as FlexiSpot's floating shelves are strong enough to support loads of up to 44lbs.

Artistry Without Limits

Are your feet bothered by tingling as a result of sustained periods of sitting and drawing? Why don't you try a foot hammock while you focus? A tiny feet hammock may be just what your tired and aching feet need.

Approved by orthopedics, the FlexiSpot Protable Under Desk Foot Hammock FH01 will undoubtedly make your life easier and exceed your expectations. This simple-to-install foot hammock suits most desk styles and improves your feet' blood circulation. That is not all; this sturdy hammock also protects your lower back, thighs, and calves.

For artists who quickly become fatigued after a long day at a standing desk, the Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat MT1 is the ideal solution. Designed with comfort and health in mind, this anti-fatigue mat ensures that regardless of where you want to stand and concoct, you can look and feel great.


Illustrators are vital citizens of society. Without artists, there would be no one to beautify our world and minds. Additionally, we will be deprived of the opportunity to witness breath-taking artistry as they paint, draw, and color every artwork that their hands create. 

Drawing inspiration and creating artworks that can inspire and awe an audience is complex. Still, one must have the best ergonomic furniture to help the artist achieve the perfect balance of a healthy lifestyle and excellent work productivity.

We will eagerly anticipate your exquisite and meticulous works of art, which is why FlexiSpot has the ideal office furniture for all of your creative needs.