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Does Furniture Design Have Something to do with Mental Health?

19 April 2021

Let's talk about mental health. What exactly does  mental health mean?  The  Webster English dictionary defines mental health as " the condition of being sound mentally and emotionally that is characterized by the absence of mental illness...having positive feelings about others and the ability to meet the demands of daily life. "  Simply put, when you can forge good relationships with others and you think positively about them, you can cope with and think positively whatever challenges you may encounter everyday,  then you are mentally healthy.  If you have other thoughts or interpretations on these two significant key words, they may share your ideas about it freely as you wish.  What I am driving at is that these days we encounter too many concerns and challenges  every day  that may somehow affect our mental condition.  For example the covid 19 pandemic gravely affected millions of people around  the world physically,  emotionally, economically, and mentally as well.  Many workers lost their jobs, family members who died because of covid 19, financially strapped.  These problems that they have encountered almost crushed them to pieces emotionally.  Even their mental state has also been affected.

Amidst the current bleak situations around the world, there are also positive ones happening.  For example, according to sources, about 64% (retrieved from the internet) of employees in the United States are working from home.  This augurs well for all the workers around the world.  There is still hope that everything will turn out good in the end.  

Working from home is the best option today with many companies offering their employees to work at the comfort of their homes, so that  social distancing will be followed.  There is less human interaction at home only family members will encounter and it is more advantageous to the employees not only for the convenience and more comfort it brings but also the employee will spend less doing away with transportation, gasoline  and food expenses when you have to go to the office.  

While working at home has its own profit, there are also some changes that we have to do to make a part of the home more of a workstation where it becomes more conducive to working.  It is somehow necessary to choose the best part of the house that we can work efficiently  and productively.  Everything must be planned and carried out to make the work area exude with a positive atmosphere and inviting for work to be done.

After choosing the perfect workstation,  follow the sets of furniture needed for work such as desks, tables, cabinets, organizers, maybe some indoor plants to boost energy and positivity.  Of course, computers and other work-related equipment must be set up in a noise-free environment.  

With all the things set on the appropriate spaces, you are ready to dive  into the bulk of paperwork on your desk. If you’re not yet ready, you have to be prepared mentally, that is you are emotionally sound, your mental condition is ready to tackle your work responsibilities and your desk is a beauty.

Did you know that furniture design affects your mental condition?  There was a research on this although not conclusive and do not show much detail on this particular topic.  

The furniture 's 'therapeutic design" has a beneficial effect on the user's well being.  It was not indicated what particular design is appropriate for boosting mental soundness however, this is an inspiring idea for furniture  buyers and designers as well.  This serves as a guide for you to consider  your work table and desks designs and not only focusing on the economical benefit of purchasing a piece of furniture.  Well of course the first thing we have to think about is it's functionality which is directly related to the design.  Elaborate or simple designs may attract different types of buyers such as their gender, age, taste, or social status.  But whatever it may be, the furniture design will definitely affect your attitude towards work.

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The anti-collision functions of the Adjustable Standing Desk ED2 ensure safety preventing the desktop from being damaged or crushing other objects and other devices' while  being moved.

The desktop of this wonderful standing desk has an 'all natural surface, moisture proof, insect resistant , and scratch-proof because it is 'coated with a water resistant 2H lacquer. ' The wood material of the desktop is guaranteed doubly ' durable and elastic compared to an ordinary wood.'

For warranty, 'all height adjustable desks purchased on or after October 5,  2016, include a 5-year warranty for the frame, motor and other mechanisms, and 2-year warranty for the controller and switch, electronics.'

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