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Cure Writer's Block with an Ergonomic Chair and Sit-Stand Desk

27 July 2021

July 17, 2021

Dear Emmy, 

Hi. I hope everything is fine with you. Congratulations on your first published book; I am so proud of you. I wish I could be able to do the same thing. It's been a month since I started the first chapter of my novel. I just don't understand but I have not finished it yet honestly. It has been a long month full of ups and downs. It's probably the block again. The truth is I can't put my thoughts in words these days; I have also been experiencing pain around my lumbar for the past few days. My colleague said I must report it to our ergonomist so they could do something with my desk and chair, I heard that I must switch to ergonomic products now. Well, I guess I must follow their advice. I got to go now though, catch up with you again soon, Sis. 



In this letter written by Delphine, you may see how she faces challenges as a writer. In this letter to her friend, she confesses that she might be experiencing the block again. This is what we call writer's block. This usually happens when a writer could not put his thoughts in words and he could not properly sequence some events or even write a prologue. At times, writer's block is caused by a lack of inspiration or depression. However, physical illness could also cause writer's block. In her letter, Delphine mentions that she has been experiencing pain in her lumbar. This is one indication of an ergonomic problem. In that case, there are possible reasons a writer experiences ergonomic pain too because of:

  • Prolonged sitting on a non-ergonomic chair 

When a writer does her work, it usually takes her more than a day to finish a poignant story. This is because creating a compelling storyline would need much time. Writers do not just put groups of words together. Thus, a writer experiences blocks or stagnation when writing because pulling off a dramatic or mind-blowing plot twist is something that needs much time. Some writers could write faster though however, they need a whole day to finish a masterpiece. As a result, they are exposed to ergonomic problems such as lumbar pain. 

  • Improper posture caused by the incorrect design and details of the office 

So imagine a writer writing a novel for straight 8 hours. This could be harmful and could jeopardize their health on so many levels especially when they do not use the proper piece of an ergonomic chair. This causes improper posture and puts them at risk. There are also times that writers use the improper desk. Ideally, the right product is a sit-stand desk or standing desk. This is because the right office desk for them is the one that could let them have more active movements (being able to stand while working on the laptop or alternate movements while writing). 

  • Stress and fatigue caused by mishaps and unfortunate events encountered by the writer such as problems with her story or anything that has to do with the publishing 

This happens to most writers. At times, things do not fall into place and push them to the verge of calling them quits. Unfortunate events bring great stress and fatigue. These things usually affect their physique. When stress and fatigue take place, most writers experience headaches, dizziness, and severe back pain. Hence, they end up throwing in the towel as they progress with their stories. As they always say, writing is not just about grouping words and phrases; writing is about bringing the magic with words and meaning beyond phrases. Thus, writers naturally experience these problems when writing. 

You might be one of the writers who experience the block too. Hence, you deserve the best ergonomic solutions through the most amazing stand-up desk and ergonomic chair. With these products, you will be able to balance yourself, feel more energized, inspired, and engaged in writing. When you achieve these things, you know that you could come up with the most compelling storyline. You may find all the best ergo solutions from a brand that most users trust. This is the Flexispot. At Flexispot, you can have the best ergonomic chair and standing desk that could save you from experiencing sedentary pain. 

The Compelling Ergonomic Solutions from Flexispot

So imagine that you currently experience writer's block that is caused by physical illnesses such as severe back pain, this might give you a hard time in continuing your story thus switching to ergonomic products such as the standing desks and ergo chairs would be the best decision. At Flexispot, you can choose from a wide array of ergo chairs and standing desks. 

They have the Kana Bamboo standing desk. This desk comes with a hardy desktop that is insect-proof and water-proof. This means that it's easy to maintain despite liquid spills that might take place because of accidents when you work on this sit-stand desk. In addition, it's a top made from real bamboo fibers. Using products such as bamboo also gives you the chance to lessen your carbon footprint. Moreover, when you use this standing desk, you may be able to have a lot of sit-stand movements because this is height adjustable so if you feel standing while writing then this desk is best for you.

At Flexispot, you also have the choice to use the ergonomic chair. You may choose from a wide selection of chairs from the Flexispot. You may choose the accent chair that is not height adjustable but very sturdy. It has completed thousands of fatigue tests. It has a weight capacity that could bear your weight. Thus even sitting here for 8 hours, you would not get strained-your hips and buttocks would not be exposed to much ergonomic pain. This is because this chair has a wide seat area and its cushion has an approximate distance to the backseat of this chair. Thus, as you write on the Kana bamboo standing desk, you may comfortably think of the next scene in the second chapter of your novel. 

So, after hearing the amazing features of the standing desk and ergo chair from Flexispot, you can ensure that you could survive the writer's block and put all your wonderful ideas for your story. 

Final Thoughts

Just like Delphine, you might be experiencing these difficulties as a writer. The block is a phase that most storytellers experience in their careers. Hence, when you go through that phase, you could rely on Flexispot when looking for the best ergonomic solution.