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Unveiling the E7L Premium Corner Desk - The Future of Productivity
We're welcoming our new E7L premium corner desk to the FlexiSpot range!
30 Jan. 2024|456
A Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the Perfect Workspace
Make this Valentine's Day unique with a gift they can use this year.
30 Jan. 2024|303
Ergonomic Chairs and Lumbar Health: Expert Insight Into the Impact of Seating on the Body
We will go over the impact of seating on the human body and the importance of choosing an ergonomic chair with proper lumbar support over a standard office chair.
29 Jan. 2024|190
A New Way to Prevent Office Sickness
We're going to talk about a new way of preventing office sickness. Learn more and find out.
29 Jan. 2024|267
Transform Your Dining Room Experience with a Four-Legged Standing Desk
A four-legged standing desk can reinvent your dining room: here's how.
23 Jan. 2024|143
How to Overcome Sitting Problems
Ergonomic chairs – the superheroes of comfort and well-being can transform your sitting experience.
16 Jan. 2024|146
How Uncomfortable Office Equipment Can Lead to Postural Complications or Deficiencies
A healthy posture plays a big role in keeping you fit and well. Unfortunately, not a lot of people focus on correcting their posture, sitting hunched and in uncomfortable positions working for hours on end. Here's how that can be bad for you.
16 Jan. 2024|244
3 Must-Have Features in Ergonomic Chairs: See if your chair has them!
Does your chair have these three features? Check it out now!
12 Jan. 2024|256
The Seven Best Exercises To Do From the Comfort of Your Desk
Worried about your health with a sedentary desk job? Worry no more, with these seven exercises you can do without leaving your desk.
11 Jan. 2024|145