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Anti-Fatigue Mats for the Treatment of Bulging Spider Veins

27 April 2021

How many hours do you spend working while at home? What do you notice with your lower torso after 9 hours of work? Do you feel numb? Do you feel aching? Or do you see fan-like rays throbbing on your legs and feet? Well, if that’s the case then you got yourself varicose or spider veins which will the article be about for today.

In today’s topic, we will talk about the:

-         meaning and causes of Varicose veins

-         symptoms of Varicose veins

-         preventions for Varicose veins

-         role of Flexispot’Anti-Fatigue Mat in lessening the possibilities of having varicose veins

What are Varicose Veins:

are fan-like rays which the doctors call Corona Phlebectasia. These are like threads that come in purple around the ankle and foot. They resemble the rays of the sun hence the name. When a patient has it, it means that the abnormal capillaries spread across the foot and ankle of the person for certain causes which we would discuss as we go further on this article.

For some, these are just cosmetic concerns because varicose veins do not look pleasing at times but the self-care measures could be done to lessen the severity of the spider veins around the legs, ankles, and foot of the person. For more severe cases, people experience pain and discomfort around the said areas and they usually need to go under the knife through:

Endovenous Laser Ablation (the laser fiber treatment)

Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy (treatment that involves the injection of Sclerosant into the abnormal veins)

Radiofrequency Ablation (the application of thermal – heat based- damage to the veins before each treatment, the surgeon will be choosing the suitable surgery for you and the one which perfectly suits your veins.

How do Varicose Veins Look Like?

Spider veins may appear in three ways such as:

Without Symptoms:

 The fan-like rays just bulge and or the reticular veins or thread-like spider veins appear but you don’t experience any symptoms or pain.


Appearance of Veins without Symptoms:

In this one, you’d notice that the bulging veins also bring discomfort and pain like burning, throbbing, and muscle cramping. This may be a reason to consult a physician to check them and if a possible diagnosis of a more serious condition would be needed.


Without the appearance of veins but with symptoms:

There are no visible spider veins but common symptoms are experienced.


The Common Symptoms of Varicose Veins:

-          aching in legs, ankles, and foot

-          throbbing or burning feeling around the affected area

-          frequent cramping

-          skin ulceration on the ankle


What are the factors that make increase the possibility of developing Varicose Veins:


Age: Aging is one of the risk factors in developing varicose veins. As we age, the valves on the veins become thin and that causes the flow of the blood conglomerate in the veins instead of it flowing to the heart.


Hormonal Changes: especially before the menstrual period, during pregnancy, and the menopausal stage of a woman


Obesity: Increase in weight puts much pressure on the veins making it bulge become it more visible


These complications are rare to occur but they need medical attention:

Ulcers: They usually form near the varicose; they are first spotted after a skin discoloration.

Blood Clots: when enlargement of the veins on the affected leg takes place, there is a possibility of blood clotting because these veins are deeply embedded on the person’s leg hence he/she needs an immediate medical attention

Bleeding: In some cases, bleeding takes place near the affected veins making the skin burst. This is minor bleeding though but still it needs to be checked by the doctor.



There are no sufficient researches that may prove the prevention of varicose veins but with proper and increased mobility and circulation, pressure around the legs will be lessened. So, here are the things that you may try doing:

Exercising: this one needs some considerations on the kind of exercise that you would do. If you think your upper torso is bigger and it weighs heavier than the lower torso it’s better to consider light exercise first because if heavy workout would be done with you having a large torso chance are you might still add pressure on your thighs and legs straining the veins and still might cause varicose veins

Watching your Weight: You must keep an eye on your diet and watch the food you take. Avoid salty food because it causes the water to retain to your body, adding up the blood volume which increases the blood pressure which may go through the venous system that contributes to the development of varicose veins

Avoiding High Heels: Achilles tendon (the muscles at the base of the calf) is damaged when wearing high heels because when a person wears them, the shoes point the foot in an upward position forcing this part of the leg and causes muscle spasms and chronic leg pain. When this happens, it also forces the blood circulation to go haywire thus it contributes to the development of spider veins.

The Role of the Anti-Fatigue Mat in Lessening the possibilities of acquiring varicose veins:

Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat MT1B is one of Flexispot’s innovative products that could

help a person avoid having varicose veins because:


It can help you avoid having achy and sore muscles around the legs. It helps you to have good blood circulation. Imagine having the need to stand up for a longer time without a piece of equipment that can ensure your legs’ comfort, it can really affect your productivity because of the discomfort that you might feel with a sore leg thus making it possible for your veins to throb and be really pressured.


Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat MT1B is also safe to use. At times, when we are in a hurry we tend to be unmindful of our actions which sometimes causes slipping or tripping over. With the mat’s Beveled edges, you don’t have to worry that it would curl up and eventually skid.


Final Thoughts:

Varicose veins are a great discomfort because of their appearance. Our confidence is losing at times plus it can bring complications to a person. Hence, we need to choose a product and a proactive lifestyle that can help us increase mobility and blood circulation throughout the body.

Never forget to keep yourself busy and active.