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All About Manifesting

14 September 2021

When Rhonda Byrne released The Secret back in 2006, it was received with much skepticism. What she was essentially proposing sounded like some sort of magic that if we believe in something so strongly, it will happen just because we believed it to happen. But even though not everyone was convinced, the book went on to sell 30 million copies worldwide and was translated into 50 languages. There was this new movement that came out of it, consisting of people who believed in the power of manifestation to make the forces of the universe conspire and transform one’s thoughts into reality. 

Fast forward to 2021 and we see a new generation increasingly fascinated with the manifest culture, meditation, and talking with spirits for guidance. Creators fill Tiktok and YouTube with readings and mantras that build a solid following of dreamers wanting to alter their reality or those simply fantasizing of a better future. On one hand, this can arguably be a sign that people are more anxious and depressed at present, feeling that strong desire to escape out of it and wanting to believe anything that offers a positive perspective. On the other hand, it can also be perceived as a sign of the strong will and hope that still lie within us despite these dark times. 

Man in the room, corner interior style, listening to the music with laptop and working from home

Pros of Manifesting 

1. It encourages action. 

The manifestation movement doesn’t encourage dreaming without doing. Aside from writing your goals thirty times in your journal, it will make you want something so bad, you’ll do everything in your power to make it happen. You will exhaust your resources and keep your eye on the prize. 

2. It uplifts your mood. 

Manifesting means you’re already believing something to be true even though it hasn’t happened yet. Living this positive mindset will boost your mood and make you love your process of becoming. Having that bright and positive aura cascades into your actions and relationships will generally give you a happier day-to-day life. 

3. It widens your network.  

Because your world will revolve around these thoughts of yours, chances are you’ll be telling people your dreams and goals at every opportunity you get. You already know it’s gonna happen so what’s the use of being shy to let others know about your goal in life. Because other people know that this is your dream, they may lead you to their connections who could help you live it. For example, if you are an aspiring photographer, you’ll tell people that you take photos as a hobby and even show them samples. The next time they have an event, they’ll tap you to cover it where you can go and get even more clients. The next thing you know, you already have a working portfolio you could use to apply for magazine and newspaper contributions---the life you’ve always been dreaming of. The more you put it out to the world, the more the world will come to you. 

4. It builds confidence. 

On the get-go, manifesting entails confidence. You have to genuinely believe that your dream is gonna happen at a certain point in your future. There shouldn’t be a shadow of a doubt or if there will be a fleeting moment of weakness, you go back up and manifest again. That’s how powerful manifestation is. It makes you confident even when you still have nothing. 

man thinking, clasping hands

Cons of Manifesting 

1. It may cause burnout or laziness. 

There is still a risk that your strong will can backfire against you. Because you want it so bad, you may feel burnout from trying too much. Or it can also have an alternate scenario of believing in destiny so strongly that you won’t do anything about it because in your mind, it’s going to happen anyway and no matter what you do at present won’t have an effect on your destiny. 

2. It may be disheartening. 

For those who are trying their best and still don’t see changes, there will come a point that your goals and dreams may dishearten you. You will feel burnt out and exhausted that there’s nothing you can give or do anymore. You’ll lose the will to continue trying. 

3. It may negatively affect relationships. 

Because of your disheartened heart, you may become irritable or grumpy to the people around you. Even though they are not the problem or a part of it, you would be blinded with your rage and not have the energy to engage at your best. 

4. It may give a distorted, simplistic view of reality. 

Manifestation believes solely in the power of thoughts. It does not take into account your current situation, the people around you, your resources, and other external factors. But when you believe something to be your destiny, it only grants you a peephole of your future to look at. You tune out the noises and the negative parts even though they are unavoidable and realistic. 

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How to Help Make Your Dreams Happen 

The dream is free but the hustle is sold separately. To manifest entails pairing it with action, little steps that happen on a daily basis and that you should incorporate into your daily habit. 

1. Declutter your workspace. 

A clean workspace stimulates productivity and saves you time. You won’t be looking for a pen in 20 minutes because you would know exactly where you placed it. The Mesh Desk organizer from Flexispot is an excellent desk storage option because it has three tiers with inside compartments on the bottom, pull-out drawer. Made of mesh, you would easily see its contents without having to spread everything on your desk just to search for a pen. Other storage units such as the metal steel cabinet and mobile file cabinets from Flexispot can help organize your desk area. Make sure to return an item exactly where you got it so there won’t be any confusion or lost items. For extra security, Flexispot’s storage units such as the file cabinets come with a locking system. 

2. Invest in ergonomic products. 

To improve workflow and increase productivity in the workspace, invest in ergonomic products that will reduce discomfort, increase blood flow and circulation, and overall give you comfort and convenience while working. It will make you more motivated and inspired to work. A player in the ergonomic space for 20 years and counting, Flexispot has the best ergonomic products in the market: office chair, gaming chair, standing desk, standing desk converters, anti-fatigue mat---name, Flexispot surely has it. 

3. Fill your workstation with affirmations and motivational quotes. 

Surround yourself with positivity and believe that you can make things happen if you act. Print out quotes and affirmations and make sure to display them in your workspace. Whenever you’re feeling low on energy and need an instant pick-me-up, just read one quote or affirmation from your wall, table, or journal to help you be back on track. 

4. Make a mood board or a vision board. 

Get creative and cut out photos from magazines or print ones from the Internet that will reflect the dream life you are manifesting. Pin it on a corkboard to give you a picture of how your life will look if you believe and work hard for it. Flexispot carries a spacious corkboard that is 36 x 24 inches in size. 

Final Thoughts 

Your dreams won’t come true if you simply manifest without doing. Believe in yourself and put in the work. Learn to love the process and value a growth mindset over a fixed one.