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A Comprehensive Guide to Setting up a Quad Monitor

28 December 2021

Evolution has struck every phase of mankind, the effects of which could be felt among home office workers and gamers worldwide. Life is fast changing!

Using only one monitor is no longer popular as it fails to give you that optimal view and satisfaction from your setup. That leaves you wondering how many monitors will give you the ideal experience, right? Read through.

We have come to discover that the ideal number for your monitors is four - a quad monitor setup. No doubt that having a quad monitor setup in your home office or gaming room may allow you to groove on better visuals with full control during your gaming session.

However, we need to say that it's no easy task to set up and take care of a quadruple monitor setup. Just imagine the rigours of having a dual or triple monitors setup alone.

That is why we designed this complete step-by-step guide for you to get the ideal quad display setup. It will walk you through all the factors you need to consider before setting up your quad monitors.

Quad Monitor Setup

Photo Source: Reddit

Pros of a Quad Monitor Setup

Setting up is not just a process you can dabble into. It would help if you gave your multi-monitor plan some forethought, and we assure you that you'll make the right choice as you read through and thoroughly.

Multitasking Becomes No Sweat

Multitasking on a single screen is just way too confining. So why stop at one or two displays when you can have four monitors?

You can use the extra monitors for several things, maybe comparing spreadsheets side-by-side, checking out your social media feeds, and jotting ideas down on your pad. Isn't that awesome?

Better Game Engagement

With four monitors on your desk, you're entitled to four times more of a tremendous gaming experience. That's an offer that gives you full capture of all the graphs and guesses what? Not even the largest of gaming monitors can offer such a stimulating effect.

Unhindered Access to Information

Imagine what quad monitors setups will offer home office workers; access to information at all times will be unhindered. Programmers and journalists are not left out as well.

Cons of a Quad Monitor Setup

It's Not Cost-Effective

It's no news that having a quad monitor setup may demand more than a single or dual. You need to keep this in mind, particularly if you're working with a not-too-large budget.

More Power Consumption

You need to understand that not all CPUs work with four monitors. Even those that do consume a load of energy with a higher GPU to work. This can generate much more heat than your typical quadruple monitor setup.

Eye Strain

Sitting in front of a monitor too long can be exhausting for your eyes, now consider what four of them can do to you because you have to keep tabs on what's going on in each of them almost simultaneously. To prevent eye strain, we advise you to take frequent breaks in between.

Less Concentration

You need to understand that as much as it allows multitasking, it may cause a loss of focus. How? Keeping tabs on the activities of the four monitors consecutively may lead to the user getting distracted, and it comes with an effect on your productivity.

Step by Step Guide to a Perfect Quad Monitor Setup

Now, if you've made up your mind to take the step further with all the rudimentary knowledge about the four monitor setups we've shared, we can kick off with step one.

DEsk Setup

Step 1: Desk Setup

Getting four monitors for the quad setup is pointless when your office or gaming desk isn't designed to endure them. So, the very first step forward is finding an appropriate desk that suits you. While sourcing for the desk, you need to keep the following in mind:


You need to do some thinking here because you can't just put the desk anywhere. You need to ask yourself which part of the room you want the desk.

Do you want it located at the centre of the home office or gaming room?

Ensure that the choice you eventually make stretches your space. The positioning should give you enough room to place the four monitors alongside the extra gaming gear comfortably for gaming purposes.

Available Space

You need to thoroughly check out the landscape of your home office or room because how much open space in your room will determine where to find a suitable desk for you.

If your room is spacious enough and not densely occupied, we recommend that a regular home office standing desk work for you.

On the other hand, if your gaming room struggles with space, standing desk converters you can easily position into a corner will be your best shot. It takes little or no effort to transition from sitting to standing, and that'll augur well with your room structure.

Your Style

You need to consider your style and what blends in with it. If you're a fan of the colour green, for instance, you should opt for a green desk or any similar colour.

Our psychology tends to have some effects on our productivity. We can level up our work output through colours that appeal to our minds.

Flowing from that, the safest bet you can make is getting one that fits in with your office's room's craftiness and your taste.

Your Budget

Whether for gaming or home office purpose, desks come at a special price. If you want a durable desk your home office or gaming room will ever need, FlexiSpot products have the ultimate strength with unmatched durability and double elasticity of ordinary wood.

Their products come six times more sturdy than normal wood and glazed with a 2H anti-scratch coating.

With FlexiSpot, there is a guarantee that you can manage to do this while being cost-effective. Voila! You have found the best and affordable desk for yourself.

Your Habit

It would help if you also put your habit into consideration here. If you're using your computer to work or game, you may need space for additional books or notepads.

If you're going to be sitting before the monitors for a long span of hours and you'd like to have a cup of coffee nearby to keep you refreshed, it won't be a bad idea to attach a cup holder to your desk.

The Rest of your Setup

Don't forget that the four monitors are only a fraction of your whole gaming setup. When finding a table, you must keep in mind all the rest of the gaming gear or home office equipment. This way, you can make sure the desk is strong enough to support everything you'll need.

Monitor Stand

Step 2: Monitor Stand

Where you have your four monitor setup sparsely scattered all over your desk, it does not bring out the room's aesthetics or home office, nor does it make the whole setup neat and groovy.

This is where the importance of having a monitor stand comes in. Since our focus is on the quad monitor, a quad monitor mount will fuse every component and makes your setup look closely knitted and appealing.

You have two options to pick from here: you can go for a quad monitor mount or two dual monitor stands. The former allows you to set every component in the middle of the desk, while the latter gives you more freedom of order and arrangement.

We recommend any of the Flexispot Monitor Mounts from our accessories section. Our monitor mounts feature full-motion movement and allow maximum viewing flexibility from any direction.

To give you the best experience, our team of pundits has worked on some features you should look out for a while purchasing a monitor mount. Read through:

Your Monitor's Model and Specs

Many folks get it wrong with the thought that every stand or mount works for your monitors. We inform you that the mounts need to be specially and specifically made for their specifications, especially their weight, model, and size. If the stand fails to meet any of these needs, it might succumb to the monitor's weight.

The Pattern

This is usually at the back of your monitor, and that's what allows it to stick to the mount. The monitor needs to fit perfectly, or it won't be able to stand properly.


Many of these monitor mounts can adjust themselves to any position you want, but some are way more flexible than others.

This is why Flexispot Monitor Mounts allow you to place your monitors in a comfortable and ergonomic position. It allows for maximum viewing flexibility from any direction.

Cable Management

It's expected that four monitors will have many wires and cables hanging around. The best you can do is find a stand or mount that allows you to set everything as orderly as possible, and that's exactly what Flexispot offers.

The Monitors

The Monitors

This is the real deal, where you choose the right monitors for your quad monitor setup. While you want to set out to purchase monitors for your quad setup, never let the following points elude your mind:

Workspace Outline and Display Size

Most importantly, you have to consider how spacious is the room or office you're dealing with. The amount of space has to determine the size of the screens. You can't afford to get monitors too big for the room. It'll only make the whole setup haggard and uneven.

Micro-edge Display Options

Some screens come with some unusable screen space, which becomes more obvious in multiple monitors setup. It can ruin the whole experience and visual effects. Hence, never forget to check if your screens have the option to hide these edges.

The screens should also have low blue light and ergonomic options. You'll understand the importance of these features when you plan to add any monitors into your daily gaming or working cycle.

Compatibility and Mounting

As we earlier mentioned, the monitor and the monitor mount must be perfectly compatible. Also, the monitors have to be compatible with each other, and your CPU has enough power to feed the four monitors with no glitches or interruption.

Decor and Aesthetics

Having different-looking screens can be very unappealing. So, to have a smooth quad display experience, look out for monitors that support the room's aesthetics.

Connecting Monitors

Having bought the monitors and every other necessary component, the next phase is to connect them to make a quad monitor setup. Though knotty a bit, you can set up without any professional assistance. You only have to follow the process keenly.

Ensure all the Hardware Requirements are Met

This means there should be enough space on your multi-monitor desk for yourself and every gear to sit and move around conveniently. You'll also need enough ports in your PC for each monitor.

Don't forget that most PCs come with space for plugging in two monitors; if that's the case with your PC, you can buy an extra graphic card or connect one monitor through another if allowed.

Connect all the Necessary Components Correctly

You remember we said you need four available plugs, right? Great. You have to make sure the power cable goes to a power outlet, and the video cable goes into the PC itself. After that, you can turn everything on.

Choose the Display

Though choosing the display varies among operating systems, all you need to do is customize your display to suit the positions of your monitors in your quad display setup.

How Can I Upgrade my Quad Monitor Setup

Now that you have a completely functional quad monitor setup, these adjustments will make it even more catchy.

Your monitors need to match the brightness, colour, and settings you want to customize.
Be on the lookout for extra-large backgrounds that fit your room's decor.
Learn shortcuts and use them to make your gaming or working sessions more super when using the four monitors.
Lock your cursor to one monitor while using one. It won't go missing that way.

Bottom Line

Technology has redirected the path of humanity towards ease and comfort. There was a time in history when the desktop was the very climax of technology. It later motioned into a dual monitor setup and a triple monitor setup.

These times are long gone now that we understand that having a quad monitor setup can step up your gaming and work intimacy.

We hope this guide was helpful for you to create the gaming and working setup you've always wanted. Don't forget to walk through our catalogue to find everything you need to make this dream come to fruition.