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A Christmas Gift Guide for Her

10 December 2021

Christmas is upon us, and the gift shopping panic is beginning to set in for many people. While some people are done with their shopping list, others are just getting started, and we’re here to ease the frustration for those who need to find gifts now.

There’s no question that everyone deserves a special gift for Christmas, something they will find useful and will remember. However, many people, especially men, have long said how difficult it is to shop for the women in their lives. On the one hand, are people who believe that shopping for women is not actually difficult; people just overthink it too much. On the other hand, you have people who find it extremely difficult to shop for women because there’s so much to choose from.

In this Christmas guide, we’ll help you find the perfect gift for her, be it your wife, girlfriend, sister, mom, fiancé, daughter, grandma, best friend, etc. It can be challenging to find the gift that will accurately express your appreciation for them. That’s when to pull out the big guns and go for a stand-out gift.

In order to find the best Christmas gift for her, you need to start by understanding a couple of things and then sorting through a list of gift items until you settle on the right one.

How to shop for her

While some things are not contenders for Christmas gifts, you have a pretty wide range of gift items to choose from. This will be guided by:

The kind of gift you want to get her – ranging from books, accessories, jewelry, practical item, décor, etc

What you want to spend on the gift – From luxury items to cheap finds that will help you express the message you are going for.

Who you are getting it for – depending on your relationship with her, you can deduce the right gift to get. It is not a one-size-fits-all because gifts for a teen daughter, for example, will vary from gifts for your sister, best friend, or even an older daughter.

So, as you plan your Christmas gift shopping for her, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Be attentive and listen

Be attentive and listen

Most people often give away what they like and don’t like in gift items without realizing it. Therefore, the easiest way to ensure you get a good gift for the women in your life is to listen and be attentive. Watch out for hints about what they want for Christmas. This also takes a bit of skill as they will not always outright say what they want; some hints are also very subtle, so you need to be very quick to catch them.

Think about her and what you know about her

Think about her and what you know about her

Usually, people rush to get ‘what she will like’ as a default instead of distilling it down to what she needs. Taking time to think about what she already has, what she likes, and what she might need is important. It helps to note down a list of what you already know about her so that you can choose a point of focus when selecting your gift.

Go for unique gifts.

Go for unique gifts.

A lot of people believe that the perfect gift for her spares no expense. This is untrue; gift-giving is not about how much you spend. You can get a very simple but unique gift, and it’ll be all she can talk about for the following year. The trick with this is finding something that she will love, not something you love for her. She needs to be able to use the gift and also take pride in knowing the gift is unique to her.

How much should I spend on the gift?

This is entirely up to what you are getting. As mentioned earlier, gift-giving is not about getting the most expensive gift; even a cheap gift will do. You need to do is find something she will like and stay within your budget. Gift-giving should be an enjoyable experience for both parties, therefore, if you burn through your pockets for a gift, you will not enjoy giving that gift, and if the recipient doesn’t like it, it gets even worse. So, go for a gift that she will appreciate and use while being conscious of your spending.

What not to do when shopping for her

The biggest mistake people make is assuming that women want flashy, expensive gifts. It is crucial to get to know the recipient, as detailed above, before you select a gift item for them. Do not make assumptions; make educated guesses from paying attention to what they want and getting to know them.

It is also important to avoid leaving price tags on gifts, especially beauty and fashion items.

Best Christmas gifts for her

Personalized gifts

1. Personalized gifts

This is always a good gift category to go for, but personalized gifts are trickier than the rest. Therefore, you need to be pretty certain that they will like the gift before you get it for them. In this category, you can choose from mementos, blankets, birthstones, throw pillows, blankets, keepsake box and so much more. Personalizing gifts is relatively easy as you can pick from any gift category discussed below and customize it for her.

Fashion and accessories

2. Fashion and accessories

This is the most saturated gift category for women. Most people believe this to be the safe option when everything else fails. However, it is essential to understand their style and preference before making any purchase. Here, you can go for watches, clothes and other fashion items, jewelry, bracelets, and so much more. Take, for instance, the Maya J Harmony Trio bracelets; you have three incredible pieces that make different statements and for various occasions. A zodiac constellation necklace would also make for an excellent gift for people who love horoscopes. Bags also make great gifts, from backpacks to crossbody bags; all you need to figure out is what she likes.

The temptation to go for brand names is there, the likes of Louis Vuitton and Prada, but if your budget doesn’t allow, go for affordable brands with quality items.

Tech and electronic gifts

3. Tech and electronic gifts

Tech gadgets are also a great way to get the perfect gift; you can get the latest iPhone, for instance, or get them a 3-in-1 charging device. An instant photo printer is also another popular gift item for women. For fitness tech gifts, an LCD screen mirror will help you score some bonus points. It is sleek, stylish, and functional in that it can track your stats and display workout routines.

Ergonomic gifts

4. Ergonomic gifts

This is a very understated category for gifts.

With more people working from home and the work landscape changing, ergonomic gifts are becoming popular. An ergonomic gift will not only help you express your love and appreciation, but it is also a gift item that supports healthy living and working.

Getting a gift for her also includes practical gifts that will help ease her daily work life. Ergonomic gifts are excellent additions, especially for work from home and students. Start with a standing desk converter like the AlcoveRiser M7MB if you already have an existing deck. If you want to switch out an old desk or introduce a workstation, you can opt for a standing desk like the Comhar all-in-one standing desk that features a glass top and is perfect for use by people of various age and height ranges. Another tremendous ergonomic gift to get is the V9 all-in-one desk bike that allows you to work out while you get your work done.

Lifestyle gifts

5. Lifestyle gifts

Everyone has a unique lifestyle, from those who love art, books, wine, etc. Understanding her lifestyle will help you pinpoint the right gift item in this category.

This is another broad category of gift items from books that she likes. You can get her a series of books from her favourite author, take, for instance, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones fans. You can also go for wine and wine accessories for the wine connoisseur. You have a pick from various pet gift items if she has a pet, too, like personalized collars for the pet or pet portrait necklace or bracelet for her. In this category, you can also go for scented candles, running shoes like the Allbirds runner mizzles, and even houseplants like the coveted Bonsai tree.

To conclude

Gift shopping can be a headache, but with the right gift guide, it doesn’t have to be. As explained in this guide, every woman in your life is different. Therefore a one-size-fits-all approach will not work. Therefore, you need to put in a bit more work into getting to know the women in your life and the kinds of gifts they like. This will give you an easier time shopping. From the gift categories detailed above, you can broadly categorize the gift item you want to get and narrow it down from there. As you shop for gifts this Christmas, go for unique and practical.