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What is an Adjustable Bed?

28 June 2022

The adjustable bed was first invented in the19th century by Dr Willis D Gatch at the Indiana University of Medicine. Known back then as the ‘Gatch Bed’ Dr Gatch envisioned a bed that could move into various positions to speed up the recovery of his patients.

The beds were quickly adopted in hospitals worldwide and were particularly popular in WWI to assist wounded soldiers in their recovery.

Although the world may have forgotten Dr Gatch, it has not forgotten his brilliant invention that has helped millions of people recover from mild and life changing injuries.

Modern Adjustable Beds

Early adjustable beds had to be physically adjusted but now the majority of adjustable beds are electric, offering even more convenience and ease to the user. The adjustable bed has moved out of the hospital and into the home, breathing new life into bedrooms, transforming them into places of comfort and deep relaxation as well as sleep.

The market now offers a variety of adjustable beds with features to benefit the buyer. The most popular adjustable beds today are:

● Height-adjustable beds

● Drop down adjustable beds with rails

● Massage function adjustable beds

● Adjustable beds with storage

● Lifestyle adjustable beds

● Profiling adjustable beds

Lifestyle Adjustable Beds

Lifestyle Adjustable beds are a popular choice for those who are interested in purchasing an adjustable bed for activities other than sleeping.

Lifestyle beds are more basic than profiling beds, and typically offer lie down and sit up functions that are adjustable by a variety of degrees.

Lifestyle beds are great for people who read or watch tv in bed, and enjoy breakfast in bed too! Instead, of awkwardly stacking your pillows and slipping down them, a sit-up lifestyle adjustable bed is a more comfortable and practical option for those who prefer to take their R&R under the sheets.

Profiling Adjustable Beds

Profiling beds are a little more complicated than Lifestyle beds. They have a greater variety of options and can be adjusted widely.

Profiling beds are preferred by hospitals and medical institutions as they cater for a range of ailments. Also known as variable posture beds, profiling beds offer greater flexibility and have more features than other adjustable bed types.

Profiling beds can be electric or manual and can be specially made for certain needs. They tend to be more expensive than lifestyle adjustable beds for this reason.

Profiling bed also have their own categories:

Two-part profiling beds

These beds allow only the upper section to be moved, similar to lifestyle adjustable beds.

Three-part profiling beds

As well as raising the head and shoulders, three-part rolfing beds also bend at the knee which essentially moves you to a seated position. You can also adjust it back slightly to stop you from slipping down the bed.

Four-part profiling beds

These beds are very similar to the three-part beds but there is an additional option to flatten out the middle, so you can move into a more secure seating position.

Are Adjustable Beds Worth It?

Adjustable beds are a sound investment in your sleep quality. Whether or not you have an injury, adjustable beds offer maximum support and comfort and help to keep your natural posture in alignment.

If you struggle to get comfortable during the night, it may be because you are not comfortable sleeping on your back, front or side and have never been given the opportunity to sleep in an alternative position.

We are all built differently, and some people sleep better with their legs or head raised a little higher.

Those who suffer from back, shoulder, neck, or joint pain certainly benefit from adjustable beds. They ease the pressure placed on the bones, and the relief will help you get a better night's sleep.

How Long Does It Take to Adjust to an Adjustable Bed?

Even if sleeping slightly upright makes you more comfortable, it may be a little strange at first.

It usually takes the sleeper several nights or the whole week to really get used to the adjustable bed, as it would when sleeping on any new surface.

If you are worried about sleeping upright all night, opt for an adjustable bed with a timer. Many beds do come with timer options that will reset the bed back into a lying position so long after you adjust it.

Although Adjustable beds are not new, the features they provide are innovative and developers are coming up with new options every day.

Adjustable beds are not just for the sick or infirm, while they certainly help to speed up recovery from injury or illness, they are also ideal for casual users who just want a more comfortable night's sleep and greater sleeping options.

Whatever your needs, investing in a good quality adjustable bed will change the way you sleep forever. Say bye-bye to pillow propping and hello to your new and delightfully comfortable adjustable bed!