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The pros of an electric bed

23 June 2022

In the past few years, electric beds have become the hot new phenomenon that completes the modern home. While once a luxury that was expensive and inaccessible to the average person, they have recently become both affordable and more compact than ever, making them the perfect addition to any bedroom. With all the benefits they carry with them, it’s not hard to understand why.

Electric beds feature a hinge and motor mechanism that are, as you would imagine, controlled by electricity. They allow the user to change their sleeping position in a variety of ways to better accommodate personal preferences. Different parts of the bed can be either raised or lowered to tailor-make a personalised sleep experience. With new stylish and affordable models of electric beds hitting the market, such as Flexispot’s new EB01, it’s time to reevaluate your sleep and learn about all the benefits that come with owning an electric bed.


Plain and simple, one of the best benefits of an electric bed is straight up comfort. With the ability to adjust the incline of your headrest from 0 to 60 degrees, you can enjoy a comfortable position no matter what your personal preference may be. The most common setting for an incline tends to be around 30-40 degrees, as this distributes weight evenly throughout the body and allows you to sit comfortably in bed without straining your neck or back. Especially if you like to read or watch tv in bed, the ability to create an incline makes for a much more comfortable viewing experience.

Pain relief

Aside from seeking comfort, a great portion of people considering investing in an adjustable bed are seeking to combat a wide variety of physical pains. Arthritis, sciatica, and back pain are highly common ailments that can be improved with the introduction of an adjustable bed. Users can adjust their sleeping position to relieve tension and stress from areas of the body that prove particularly problematic. You’d be surprised how simply adjusting the angle of your back 10 or 15 degrees can have such a great impact on the pain you feel throughout the following day.

Combat sleep issues

Up to 70% of the adult population are thought to experience some kind of regular sleep issues. Especially for issues related to breathing, such as asthma, sleep apnea, or the dreaded snoring - an electric bed can also go lengths in combating the negative effects of these conditions. Creating an incline in the neck can be just enough to unrestrict airways and prevent snoring and asthmatic attacks during the night. What’s more, an adjustable mattress allows for you to shape your sleep to your own body, which is perfect for people undergoing changes in their body - such as physiotherapy or pregnancy.


You might think that an electric bed is something you can’t share with another person, as each person has their own preferences, but you’d be wrong. Flexispot’s new EB01 model is designed to accommodate sleeping with a partner. The Twin model allows you to insert two individually controlled mattresses into the same sleek, stylish bed frame. Each side of the mattress can then be controlled individually, according to each partner’s preference. This means that even if your partner wishes to head to bed a little earlier than you, you’re still free to stay up longer and comfortably read without disturbing them. Especially for those accustomed to sleep issues such as snoring or insomnia, having independence and versatility in how they go to bed can be empowering which in and of itself improves the quality of sleep overall.


An electric bed allows you to create far more versatility in your personal space. Whereas traditional beds are not considered good for much more than sleeping, an adjustable bed allows you to tailor your bedroom to whatever you get up to throughout the day. Feel like getting some work done or reading a book? No problem, just adjust the bed to a 60 degree angle for a couch-like experience. If you feel like sitting back and relaxing, simply reduce the angle for a casual, laid-back setting. With underneath storage built in, this new, modern electric bed allows you to liven up your space while gaining health benefits and added relaxation.

Plus: More affordable than ever!

In the past, these benefits were really only reserved for those who had a lot of money and space to spare. Thanks to recent innovation in technology and design, however, the benefits of an adjustable electric bed are now available to everyone. With sleek designs and silent motor designs, an electric bed now makes the perfect personalised addition to any home - all without breaking the bank!