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The School Work Environment

17 May. 2022

The beginning of the school year is a great excuse to upgrade your workplace. Fancy office furniture and accessories will make it the favorite place in the house.

The importance of the correct organization of your child's workspace is justified. An intellectual process depends on the mood in a space and working environment. Sitting on the sofa, at the dining table, or lying in bed makes it difficult to think effectively: concentration is lost. This is because the brain perceives these areas as places to rest, watch shows or eat. That's why the work area has to be marked out so that your child can see it for what it is.

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There are several criteria for choosing this space.

To keep a child from being distracted by foreign objects and toys, the desk should be separated from the play area. This may be done with the help of a screen, a shelf, or a bookcase.

It is better if the desk has a natural source of light. The ideal position of the desk is near a window. If the child is right-handed, the window should be on the left side, and if left-handed, on the right. It is a good idea to put the table parallel to the window - so that the child sits facing it. At the same time, the table can also be placed facing the wall and in this case, you can decorate the wall nicely - with shelves, for example, and place on them all kinds of accessories, boxes for pencils, paints, felt-tip pens, a globe, a clock, and other small items.

The choice of color scheme is also important. It is best to choose light, clean colors for the learning space. They do not have to be dull, they may be bright ornaments, or pronounced geometric shapes. It focuses your child’s attention on learning activity and contributes brain function. However, to hire someone to write a paper is a great idea.

Another point I would like to focus on is what to do if you need to put two workstations in one nursery? Here are some options for arranging furniture:

· Single-row layout (two desks stand side by side in one row, which may be interrupted by furniture or an aisle)

· parallel (two tables facing each other, side by side or apart, with children allowed to sit facing or back to each other)

· L-shaped layout (one L-shaped table or two tables arranged accordingly can be used)


When choosing a desk, in my opinion, you should pay particular attention to ergonomics. A small child risks bad posture at an adult desk. If your child is under 120 cm, the desk should not be higher than 52 cm. The edge of the table should be a couple of centimeters below the child's chest. So that your child can lean comfortably against it. At 120-150 cm, a table that is 52-61 cm high is suitable. A standard 'grown-up' table with a height of 75 cm can be used when the child grows to 150 cm.


A bit of theory. It is also important to choose the right chair. The basic principle is that your child's knees should be bent at a 90° angle when sitting and the feet should touch the floor completely. The distance from the tabletop to the seat of the chair should be 20 to 30 cm, depending on the height of the child. If the chair is too high, a footrest can be placed under the legs. But it is best to choose a height-adjustable high chair.


The table lamp should have a lamp-shade or diffuser, preferably in white or light shades. It should have an incandescent lamp or a 60W LED lamp with a frosted white coating. Halogen and fluorescent bulbs should be avoided. A lamp is also a very important decoration detail. Therefore you should choose a light with a bit of humor. And choose an interesting design or color. For girls, it can be gentle shades and smooth shapes, for boys more brutal.

The beginning of the school year is a great excuse to upgrade your workplace.

Accessories, many of which can be made by hand, can help us with this. On the shelves next to the table you can put boxes, pre-coated with paper to wrap gifts of the color and ornament you want. You can do the same with file and paper trays. I also encourage you to get creative with your writing utensils, they can be a beautiful addition to the design of your workplace. Another practical and necessary thing is a board for notes. You can also make it yourself by taking a baguette and stretching fabric with a soft backing inside. The fabric can be used, for example, that of which a screen is made for the delimitation of space. Or you can decorate the board with furniture nails.

Well, the perfect school work environment is almost ready. However, not only the child’s workspace can influence the success in the school. It is better to find someone, who can write professionally your papers instead of you. To assure you, it is important to note that our service is recognized as one of the best writing services by Reddit.

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