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The OMAD Diet: Does it Work and is it Safe?

18 May 2022

Today, many people face various health problems due to malnutrition and unhealthy diets. Combined with the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, stress, and anxiety, sometimes overeating can seem like a happy escape.


But the reality is that as a result of malnutrition and not meeting our necessary exercise needs, your quality of life can decrease and you can be at risk of physical and mental collapses.

In our modern world, many organizations support a balanced diet and a healthier life, and organizations are adapting to a new sense of work-life balance, as people become more aware and interested in alternative strategies which support their diets and lifestyles.

The OMAD diet stands for One Meal A Day. While this may seem like an extreme and unhealthy form of food management, many are adopting the lifestyle to help them make healthier choices about food.

According to some experts, the OMAD diet allows the body to take the necessary calories and proteins in a single meal, instead of spreading out nutritional consumption throughout the day. There is rising evidence that the OMAD diet can help you to stay more vigorous and focused throughout the day.

However, there is always twos side to every story. Other experts argue that the OMAD diet can prevent the proper functioning of modern human metabolism.

So, without further hesitation, let's jump into the ins and out’s of the OMAD diet.

Is the OMAD Diet Safe?

The OMAD diet can be quite safe with the right practice. According to experts, if you take enough calories and protein in the single meal you eat during the day, you will not have any health problems. In addition, people who are overweight can follow the OMAD diet to initially lose weight.

For people with low weight, it is not recommended to follow this diet for a long time as naturally, you will consume lower calories than you otherwise would. Since the OMAD diet is a type of fasting and a lifestyle choice rather than a traditional diet, it is not necessary for those who already have appropriate calorific control.

The purpose of OMAD is not just to lose a few pounds but the rests thinking about food. Restricting yourself to one meal a day is no easy feat, but those who do it regularly say that it gets easier over time.


There is a risk to everything in life, and the OMAD diet is no different. If you have any health problems, you should seek the advice of a specialist before starting the OMAD diet.

Those with cardiovascular disease and diabetes should not attempt the OMAD diet, nor anyone with metabolic rate problems or hypoglycemia. Instead, opt for a healthy diet that is staggered throughout the day to maintain balanced blood sugar levels.

Other general negatives include:

● Constipation

● Fatigue

● Dizziness

● Irritability

● Nausea

OMAD may also increase the likelihood of binge eating during your ‘eating window’.

According to experts, the OMAD diet is a much safer diet compared to heavy diets such as alternate-day fasting, but you should make sure that the meal you eat during the day meets all the protein, fat and nutrition your body needs.

Does the OMAD Diet Work?

OMAD can be done daily, but it is not recommended. OMAD works best when applied a few days a week, rather than every day. On the days when you take a break from the diet, you should return to your normal meal pattern and allow your body to regain its strength.

How The OMAD Diet Works

Although the OMAD diet sounds appealing as an idea, it can be a bit challenging in terms of implementation at first. In particular, people who are fond of breakfast or eat frequent meals may struggle to cope with some difficulties both mentally and physically at the beginning of this process.

A strict OMAD diet dictates that you eat nothing for 23-hours, and eat whenever you want within a 1-hour window. This is quite extreme, and if done incorrectly can be disastrous for your health.

However for those with no underlying health problems but are overweight and have emotional eating issues, OMAD could be a temporary solution to kickstart healthier eating and portion control so long as the correct foods are consumed during the 1-hour eating window.

Is the OMAD Diet Hard?

Your ability to overcome the challenges of the OMAD diet depends entirely on your tolerance and chemistry. But if you stick to the diet resolutely, you will begin to feel better throughout the day and experience a boost in self-confidence and focus combined with a sense of accomplishment.

Mental and Emotional Benefits

The OMAD diet is an ideal way to switch to healthier eating and gain a better understanding of how much food your body actually needs to function. Emotional eaters tend to benefit the most from OMAD, as it requires them to find alternative forms of comfort instead of reaching for food.

A restricted diet program such as OMAD can make your body secrete more of a chemical called orexin-A, which can make you feel more alert and focused.

When this diet is applied decisively, it is very effective in preventing many health problems like high blood sugar, and cholesterol.

Although the OMAD diet is challenging and should not be taken lightly, given your circumstances it can be a beneficial tool to kick start healthy eating and portion management.

Although it is not an easy thing to do, it is possible if you adopt a sensible and determined approach. Although the OMAD diet is not as strict as the alternative day complete fasting diet, it can still be very difficult to go the whole day with only a single meal.

It is especially important to be mindful that spending the day with a single meal will make you feel more hungry, and you may feel like eating more than usual during your eating window. Also, the OMAD diet can be dangerous for people with heart disease and diabetes.

Eating a single meal a day may cause you to feel more stressed during the day at first and therefore to have problems in your work environment or social relationships. But when your body gets used to this situation biologically, most of these symptoms will disappear and you will actually experience a boost of energy, an increased ability to focus and better emotional control.