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Pros of Standing at Work – Standing Desk Ergonomics

27 July 2022

Sitting too much is bad for your health. Those who sit for hours have an increased chance of diseases including heart problems, diabetes and early death. Not only this, sitting for a more extended time period also burn very few calories, making individuals gain more weight and obesity. Most office workers face these issues as they have to sit for over 9 hours. Fortunately, standing desks can become a life savior for such people.

Such desks are becoming increasingly popular because of their design and adjustable nature. Let’s reveal the benefits of installing such standing desks at work.

What Exactly is a Standing Desk?

Also known as stand-up desks, sit-stand desks, and height-adjustable desks, such stations permit people to stand up while working comfortably. Often people wonder how such desks can make individuals comfortable in a standing position. That’s the best part about these desks, as they allow users to change/adjust the height and alternate between sitting and standing. These modern desks have several versions that can adapt to people’s liking.

Though several research institutes are studying on these desks, they have proven several impressive health benefits for people. From benefiting health and decreasing the chances of diseases to increasing productivity, these advanced stations have several pros supported by science.

1. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Medically speaking, the greater our blood sugar levels after meals, the worse it becomes for our health. This condition often happens to those who are dealing with type 2 diabetes or are with insulin resistance. One of the studies conducted by an institute demonstrated 10 office workers in a small study. After having their lunch, they all stood up for 180 minutes which consistently reduced their body sugar spike by 43% compared to sitting for a longer period.

Another study proved that alternating between standing and sitting every half an hour throughout the workday declines blood sugar spikes on an 11.1% average. Research studies demonstrate that sitting for long durations, especially after meals has harmful effects and increases the chances of diabetes 2 by 112%

2. Reduces Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity

Weight gain is often due to the consumption of more calories that you do not burn. If you burn calories taking different measures helps you in weight loss. While you all may have heard that exercising is one of the most effective ways to burn calories, simply choosing to stand instead of sitting can also be really beneficial.

According to a study, an equal amount of time spent standing compared to an inactive afternoon has proven to burn over 150 additional calories. This state makes approximately 1000 extra calories burned every week from simply standing at your workstation each afternoon. The study also concluded that this significant caloric difference is one of the main reasons that sitting longer is strongly associated with metabolic disease and obesity.

3. Gives an Energy Burst

One analysis in a UK study proved that a standing desk encourages workers to spend more time on their feet. Research showed that 87% of employees felt more energized, and 66% felt extra productive by just spending an hour of the workday standing. The findings were helpful to a few employers that installed standing desks to encourage employees to be more active at work.

Small movements and active moments throughout the day assist you in staying more alert and awake if you are having a lazy day. Standing desks keep you more engaged when you are literally “on your feet”. If you feel a little lethargic on your workday, standing for a while can help you regain some energy and enthusiasm.

4. Assists With Wrist Position

If you are a laptop user, you may notice that your wrists start falling and resting on your keyboard. This act can lead to wrist pain and strain. Usually, sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome, i.e. pressure on the wrist, may notice discomfort when wrists are held in the wrong position. So, it is better to be aware of your wrist position and body strain while working.

A standing desk is ideal as it keeps your arms bent comfortably at 90-100-degree angle. This position is recommended by experts and can also improve your typing speed, ultimately making you more productive at work.

5. Keeps Circulation Going

Broadly speaking, our bodies are made to move. When we are in a standing position, we move our leg muscles, our balance and overall core strength. Also, this position prevents forming blood clots in the legs. Research has proven that when we sit for a long time, our blood circulation may slow down and pool in the legs. It can even lead to a blood clot in worse cases.

Comparatively, when we stand up, our legs move and blood flows throughout our bodies. One of the studies demonstrated that those who sat for more prolonged periods had shorter life spans due to poor cardiovascular health. Therefore, standing often is part of a healthier lifestyle so experts recommend standing desks' execution in offices.

6. May Help You Live Long

You may be surprised that there is a close association between your increased sitting time and early death. In fact, a review of 18 studies demonstrated that those who sit the most are at a 49% greater risk of dying early than those who sit the least. In support of this statement, another research conducted by an Institute proved that if a person reduces their sitting time by 3 hours per day, it will raise the average life expectancy by 2 years.

While these studies do not really prove cause and effect, the weight of evidence determines that standing more often can assist in extending our lifespan.

It’s Time to Purchase a Standing Desk

Minimizing sedentary time can improve metabolic, physical, and even mental health. That is why sitting less and standing less is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. You can purchase online if you want an exceptional standing desk in different varieties. Make sure that you split your time 50-50 between standing and sitting to maintain a balance in your life.