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How to Deal with Workplace Performance Anxiety

28 June 2021

Workplace performance anxiety is real, and it can be very harmful, especially if you are a highly sensitive person. Even the greatest employees of all time and CEOs of major corporations have struggled with performance anxiety at some point in their careers, and some of them still do.

If you're worried about coming back to work or always fearful of seeing your boss, keep in mind that "all bosses were once workers," and practically every employee experiences performance anxiety at work.

While job anxiety may be beneficial in that it causes you to be more careful with your work, minimizing the likelihood of error, it may also be harmful if not managed appropriately. Too much anxiety at work has several drawbacks, including a loss of self-confidence.

Do not worry if you are one of the worried employees; over 56% of employees say anxiety affects their work, but just 1/3 of them take it seriously. There is no need to overlook work-related performance anxiety and allow it to increase over time. This article provides some fundamental guidelines and strategies for dealing with performance anxiety at work like a boss.

What is Performance Anxiety and How Does it Affect You?

When we are confronted with a stressful circumstance, the human body produces natural responses and signals. Even though not every day at work is difficult, some people nonetheless feel overworked and nervous. They are afraid that their supervisors and co-workers will judge them for committing a mistake that they have yet to make. Isn't it ironic enough?

Performance anxiety is a severe problem in the workplace since it affects a person's self-esteem and ability to perform. Worrying leads to even more tension as the unfinished work remains the same or even grows in size over time. While it is simple to argue that you can overcome your performance anxiety, the truth is that it is not all in your brain.

Yes, it is a frequent assumption that worry and uneasiness occur entirely within the brain. People who suffer from panic attacks and other such occurrences still see their world crumble in front of their eyes, and it is no laughing matter.

Workplace performance anxiety manifests itself in a variety of mental and physical symptoms that exacerbate the situation and prepare the human mind to picture things that are worse than they are. If you find yourself in any of the following scenarios, you may be suffering from work performance anxiety:

  • Heart rate has increased.
  • Breathing quickly
  • Sweating / Nausea / Irritation
  • Lack of self-assurance
  • Being unable to complete simple tasks
  • Putting yourself down

Why do Employees Experience Workplace Anxiety?

Remember going on a picnic with your family when you were a kid? You were suddenly afraid of drowning in the water, but you knew you could swim. You underestimate yourself until you regain control or someone helps you recognize it. The same is true in the workplace when it comes to performance anxiety.

Workplace performance anxiety is caused by an employee's underestimation of their abilities, not by a lack of ability. They frequently consider obtaining perfection and conclude that they will be unable to achieve it. 

Approximately 86 percent of employees have a strong desire to impress their superiors and demonstrate their ability to work. Yes, you certainly can. That is why you were employed in the first place!

If you are concerned at work, the first thing you should consider is if it is the job or me. Stop selling yourself short if it is you, and if it is the work, there is still time to change it.

You may be working in a poisonous environment; your boss might be a raging jerk who cannot seem to care less about the tiniest of errors or allow you enough space to be a human, or a tough report might send shivers down everyone's spine. Nevertheless, the good news is that there are a few things to keep in mind to help you overcome work-related performance anxiety (tried and tested).

 What to do if You are Anxious about a Performance?

There are several instructions on the internet, including hour-long YouTube videos, that explain how to manage performance anxiety at work, but not all of them are effective. Perhaps you have tried a variety of stress-relieving apps in the hopes of finding a solution to your anxiety.

If you are watching these videos and looking for these solutions, you are desperate to conquer performance anxiety. For starters, it is fine to be worried about your job performance; there is no need to beat you up about it.

Second, the bottom line is that performance anxiety can be managed and dealt with, allowing you to be your best self at work. This job performance anxiety can be addressed with the use of easy tips and methods and things to remember (whenever you experience anxiety at work).

1. The first step in overcoming anxiety is to release physical tension. To reclaim your serenity, begin by sitting quietly or using an ergonomic chair that relaxes your muscles, or by practicing meditation at your workstation. If you have a standing desk, you can execute a variety of stretches to reclaim your mental and physical equilibrium.

2. After you have let go of your bodily stress, focus on relaxing your thoughts. Instead of speaking and thinking poorly to yourself, speak and think positively to yourself. Our mind is the most powerful fighter, and if you train your mind to dominate over matter, you can easily win any scenario.

3. Divide a large task into millstones and break it down into smaller mini-tasks before you begin. Then, when you have reached each goal, remember to take a few minutes to relax. You can keep yourself focused and accomplish more by rewarding yourself with some me-time or time away from your screen.

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