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How To Optimise Home and Workplace Storage

06 June 2022

The Importance of Good Storage

Making the most of home storage is an absolute must if you are juggling a work life balance. For any of us looking to create an inspiring yet livable home office space amongst a comfortable home, finding storage that works for your different working and living spaces ensures optimum productivity, and perfect calm. This is particularly essential, we know, if you routinely work from home or are balancing the demands of hybrid working.

So, what do you need to consider when you are looking for the perfect storage solutions? Look at the space you are working with, and what needs storing. What items are used regularly, and what needs deeper storage. The requirements of your storage will vary depending on whether you are in a working or living space, and how each space is used. While you may feel overwhelmed in considering your various storage needs, there are plenty of options available – whatever your needs.

Grab a notebook, sit back, and we will take you through some of favourite storage solutions and secret hacks for making the most of home and office storage.

Hide Your Storage

Living and working in the same space, or having a particularly small home office, can both be difficult environments to find workable storage for. These situations are often the home and office environments that will benefit from storage the most; and yet it can feel impossible to know how to incorporate it or where to find the space! Fortunately, there are plenty of options for hidden storage that can help you keep everything neat and tidy, without sacrificing on space or style.

This hidden under desk drawer, for example, offers a deep, secure storage drawer for all the items you need frequently throughout the day, without sacrificing on space or style. Made from durable, high-quality steel with two rolling tracks, the drawer offers smooth and silent storage with an impressive 10KG maximum load. Assorted sizes are also available – you could viably install a trio of these under various desktops for optimum storage.

If under desk storage is only solving half of your storage problems and you need something more extensive, you could look to install larger shelving and storage units but disguise them with the use of a room divider or screen. Offering a timeless style to your interiors, dividers are also wonderfully functional in helping break up spaces and cleverly disguise larger scale storage areas.

Make It Movable

If you are routinely needing to move furniture or paperwork from one place to the other, movable storage is your next best kept secret in making the most of your home and office space. Get your storage onto casters for easy wheeled access or incorporate small stacking boxes or tote bags or buckets across your home and office and see the difference immediately!

You can either invest in pre-prepared caster storage, like this sleek and secure mobile pedestal file cabinet or even add your own casters to existing storage if you feel confident with DIY. Storage on casters, stacking boxes, and tote buckets all come in a range of designs, so you can be sure to find products that compliment your interior design scheme – no style sacrifices needed here!

Make Storage A Focal Point

Conversely to hidden storage, sometimes your space is best utilised by making storage the focal point. A wall of compartmentalised shelving, for instance, can make a great interior feature whilst also solving the problem of home and office storage.

Cabinets or cupboards can also make for a striking feature piece, best placed on a feature wall painted in a statement colour to draw the eye and highlight your featured storage

Make Use Of Vertical Storage

Whilst the best rule of a compact home office is to have everything you’ll need close at hand, this can mean that we only look at the space directly in front of us – forgetting our vertical spaces, windowsills, and ceiling spaces as possible future storage spaces. A hanging peg board, for instance, can be a stylish yet effective way of making the most of vertical storage by creating spaces for paperwork and notes without using up valuable shelf or desk space. This product also offers accompanying shelving units, pencil holders, and hooks – all of which can be easily installed on a wall to keep your desk space clear and tidy.

Ceiling hammocks, floating shelves, fitted bookshelves, hanging storage, and tiered or recessed shelving can also all optimise  vertical space for storage. Moreover, vertical storage can be a huge help if you carry a lot of items that are rarely used and suitable for deep storage to keep items safe and secure, but out of working space. Why not give it a go?

Ready For More?

We hope our favourite hacks and tips have whet your appetite and got you thinking about how you can make the most of your storage spaces – whatever you’re working with. Take a good look over our suggestions and remember that optimising storage doesn’t have to feel daunting. Whether you have a tiny office or complicated home working setup in your living room – there's a solution for you.