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Get Prepared For The Super FlexiSpot Brand Day

22 May 2022

FlexiSpot is organizing a Brand Day with a series of some amazing surprise activities. So, get ready for the big day and let’s celebrate this day together! FlexiSpot is presenting its amazing and popular products at discounted prices for its valuable customers. The customers will get a chance to win prizes, including iPhone 13 and expensive top pick products by FlexiSpot. They can also get a chance to try out the new products by FlexiSpot for free.

Can’t wait to present you with amazing activities

A brand day sale by FlexiSpot is a 9-day sale, where you can buy the popular products at a discounted price. From 23rd May, you can enjoy some of the amazing activities presented by FlexiSpot. Let's look at these surprises!

1. Great discounts

FlexiSpot is presenting a big 9-day brand sale for their amazing and valuable customers where they can get great discounts of up to 38%. FlexiSpot is providing its customers with a chance to buy popular products at less prices. Luckily, the wait is over and the big sale day is near! Get ready to grab your favourite top pick products by FlexiSpot during the big sale starting from 23rd May to 31st May.

2. Subscribe & Win

Subscribe now to stay updated with the latest news and trends from FlexiSpot and get a discount of up to 8%. The surprise doesn’t end here because you can also get a chance to win your favourite iPhone 13. After subscribing to our website, you will receive emails from FlexiSpot and can stay alert with the latest products and discounts from FlexiSpot. Along with the 8% discount on your favourite products by FlexiSpot, you will get registered to exclusive email prize draws for free trials of a number of amazing products by FlexiSpot, including cash prizes and much more. So, don’t wait and subscribe to our website to discover more and get a chance to win!

3. FlexiSpot brand day Giveaway

Log in and get ready for the big giveaway from FlexiSpot. We have prepared three huge prizes for our valuable customers, which include:

1. iPad 2021 (10.2 inch, Wi-Fi, 64 GB)

2. Comhar EG8 standing desk

3. Sit2Go Fitness Chair

Subscribe and enter the biggest giveaway and get more chances to win these amazing gifts. 3 lucky winners will be selected within the UK on 26th May.

Now it’s time for another surprise- an EXTRA BONUS!

The customers who will successfully refer the most friends and family members will get a chance to receive an amazing Desk Bike V9 worth £300 by FlexiSpot. Visit the website of FlexiSpot to learn how to refer your friends!

4. New FlexiSpot free trial

On this grand occasion, FlexiSpot has prepared two new products for our valuable registered customers. After the closing of the registration period, 10 lucky testers will be selected for the chance to come and try out our new products. These lucky testers will their new FlexiSpot products for free and after trying out these products for a few days, they will be invited to share their opinion regarding the product. The applicants must need to subscribe to the FlexiSpot newsletter to receive the free trial results. The new amazing products for the trial are:

· 8 in 1 standing desk Q8

· Adjustable EB011 bed frame

8 in 1 Standing desk

Multifunctional all in one desk with round legs and bamboo desktop of 140x70cm. it comes with a USB port and wireless charging to keep your device fully charged throughout the day. the built-in drawers are designed to give you perfect space for storage. Get the chance to try out this amazing, elegant and sustainable product for a few days for free.

Adjustable EB011 bed frame

The adjustable EB011 bed frame by FlexiSpot is designed to be used as a free-standing support system or can be installed on your standard bed frame. The product is available in three different height options, 7cm, 15cm and 22 cm to let the customers choose according to different bed frames. It is designed to provide you with the perfect angle for sleeping, reading or watching TV. this amazing bed frame by FlexiSpot is specifically designed for people with sleeping disorders. Get the chance to try out this incredible product and give us your valuable feedback.

5. 5.25 seconds Challenge

Get a chance to win the grand prize by winning a special number of seconds of 5.25s. You will be provided with a lucky chance to enter the draw and win the corresponding prize. The prize contains a huge amount of £2000 cash. The rules for the 5.25s challenge are:

1. Long press the timer to start

2. Hold it till you get the special number i.e., 5.25s

3. Enter your email address

4. Get a chance to win coupons or raffles.