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Factors and Tips to Consider Before Adding Caster to Standing Desks

04 June 2020

Are you considering adding casters to your current standing desk? While it may be a great solution for some users for that added flexibility and mobility, casters may not be suitable for anyone – depending on the environment and the individual users.

Getting casters for your desk may look simple but know that by adding them, you add a layer of complexity to your desk’s ergonomic function and stability.

In this article, we’ll delve into some top factors customers should consider when seeking to add casters to a standing desk frame and tips for making a smooth transition.

Factors To Consider Before Using a Caster

Know that casters come in various sizes and that flooring surfaces also affects your moving loads over. Check out some of the top factors and tips to make your casters benefit you in the long run.

  • Consider Your Working Environment

We all have our version of workstations. However, there are some usage environments in which it may make the most sense to add casters:

If ever you’ll be working in a classroom, desk frames with casters would be very helpful especially if you want to move places.

It would also be very much helpful if you’re working in a warehouse and conference rooms where flexibility and rapid change is needed while changing equipment or transferring to another room. With these situations mentioned, desks with casters provide quick and easy transformation for optimal space sharing.

Movable desks are perfect for teachers who want to freely move their desks while experimenting or make space for group activities. It is also perfect as an extra desk that is easily pulled out for guests, speakers visiting the class, or observers visiting the school.

  • Determine the Weight of Your Load

Say you have expensive equipment on your standing desk you want to move more often and you want to give optimal control over it so you decided to get a caster. Make sure your equipment load matches the caster’s ability to move it around without the hassle of tipping over to the ground. With the right caster, you get to lift and roll it quickly compare with no caster at all.

  • Check for the Caster Size

If you’ve already decided to put a caster on your standing desk, ask yourself, “how much weight do I typically move in one load?” The size of the caster is one of the major considerations to make this mobile standing desk works.  

·       A mini-caster with a wheel that’s 1-3/8 inches in diameter

·       A medium-sized caster measuring two inches in diameter

·       A large caster about three inches in diameter

If a table has the standard foot, it is highly suggested to add the smaller casters since they add between 1-3/8 inches and two inches of table height. However, if you’re working in an environment surrounded with cracked or bumpy floors, smaller casters would be very hard to work at, especially when you’re moving around because it gets stuck easily. Try casters with wide diameters for stability and to support the weight on the desk. Although larger casters will make your load ride higher and raise its center of gravity, you still need to be mindful of tipping concerns.

  • Choose Easy Rolling Caster

Casters that features a 360-degree rotation, lock in place, and made from quality materials are hard to find. Fortunately, we’ve made the search easier for you as we suggest the Standing Desk Casters W1 from FlexiSpot. These standard casters are compatible with all FlexiSpot Desk models and two of casters lock to keep the desk in place. It has a diameter of 1.97" and it comes in four casters.

Additional Tips When Adding Casters on Your Standing Desk

If you’re looking for stability, take note that the farther apart the casters are, the most stable it is. Choosing long feet is a helpful tip for stability whether using casters or not! FlexiSpot’s long, heavy desk feet helps lower the center of gravity and reduce the potential for desk wobbling and swaying.

As mentioned above, caster size should also be put into consideration. Smaller casters don’t roll easily over door thresholds or other obstacles while in motion compare to larger casters.

Larger casters also add height and would also be highly advantageous in term of equipment load, however, smaller casters are better for stability.

To give you more insight, it is better to evaluate your current working situation. If you really need to move from room to room, then buy those casters, however, if you’re already in your workstation area where you can focus and finish your daily tasks, then the standing desk itself is already good enough.

If you happen to have decided to get one, all you have to is proceed to our official website and order the  Standing Desk Casters W1. Here at FlexiSpot, we aim to create an ideal workspace for anyone. Keep it locked here on our website for more information.