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Designing Your Own Standing Desk with FlexiSpot

15 June 2022

Are you looking for a way to make your workspace more comfortable, productive and personalised? FlexiSpot’s customisation options cater for all style, function and space demands. But sifting through the numerous options can feel overwhelming! Luckily this handy guide is here to breakdown the important decisions you will make to find your perfect custom standing desk.
Our Handy Guide For Designing Your New Standing Desk:
Here we will breakdown the important decisions which go into designing your custom standing desk, from desktop design to motor and keypad options:
#1 Chipboard
An all-natural surface, the chipboard option has the durability and elasticity of solid wood. Water-resistant and scratch-proof lacquers are added to keep your desk looking its best.
Chipboard is very versatile and is available in seven colours, including white, black and various wood options.

Size availability: 100cm x 60cm, 120cm x 80cm or 140cm x 70cm

Size shape: rectangular or curved

Thickness: 2.5cm

#2 Bamboo

Bamboo has twice the durability and elasticity of ordinary wood and is great for the sustainably-minded as it grows faster than ordinary wood. The tabletop is enhanced with a water-resistant 2H lacquer to make it moisture-proof, insect-resistant, and scratch-proof.

Size availability: 120cm x 60cm, 140cm x 70cm or 160cm x 80cm

Size shape: rectangular or curved

Thickness: 1.7cm

#3 Fibreboard

The fiberboard option has a smooth surface and round edges, which makes it a great worktop for working seamlessly and injury-free. Plus, workspace organisation is a cinch with its dual cable management holes.

Fibreboard is the second most flexible desktop option which FlexiSpot sells and is available in four colours.

Size availability: 140cm x 70cm

Size shape: curved

Thickness: 2.5cm

#4 Solid Wood

FlexiSpot’s solid wood desktops are built to last and are free from harmful chemicals. They are designed for maximum durability and long-lasting performance, making solid wood a wonderful long-term investment.

Size availability: 120cm x 60cm or 140cm x 70cm

Size shape: rectangular

Thickness: 2.5cm

Leg Design:

#1 3-Stage Leg and Enhanced Columns

With a more robust support system, the 3-stage leg option is great for heavy desk setups and can be adjusted up to 128cm. The enhanced columns ensure the stability and strength to hold up extensive equipment.

#2 2-Stage Leg and Inverted Columns

This is the more lightweight option, which lifts at a reasonable speed but with a limited height range of up to 119cm. The inverted columns offer a sleek look and faster rising speeds, but are best suited for lightweight desk setups.


#1 Dual Motor

The dual motor offers the best stability, is suited to bulkier desk setups and is the more expensive of the three options, given that it features individual motors for each desk leg.

#2 Single Motor

Ideal for light-weight use, the single motor efficiently transitions between sit and stand modes, but has a more limited weight capacity than the dual motor option.

#3 Manual

The most cost-efficient model, manual standing desks come with a crank which, when turned, will raise and lower the desk.

Keypad Design:

#1 Premium

The premium keypad design comes with three height adjustment presets, an LED display, a programmable timer and alerts that remind you to switch positions regularly. This is the ideal keypad for the tech-savvy!

#2 Advanced

The advanced keypad comes with the sit-stand reminder, additional preset positions and the anti-collision feature.

#3 Basic

Simplicity in design and functionality, the basic keypad has a simple up and down button for transitioning between modes.

Essential Accessories For An Organised Desk

Add some essential accessories to your desk to boost your productivity, keep your desk tidy and increase the functionality of your workspace.


Adding casters to your desk or drawers will not only help to protect your floors from nasty scratches, but will also make it much easier to rearrange your workspace.

Monitor Arms

Monitor arms or stands are perfect for creating a little extra space on your desktop. But they can also have a positive impact on your posture by raising your screen to eye-level and relieving tension in your shoulders, neck and upper back.

Under Desk Drawer

Keep your belongings tidy and secure with an under desk drawer. Perfect for those with limited space, the under desk drawer tucks nicely out of sight and comes with a secure locking system.

CPU Holder

Keep your CPU tucked under your desk to free up the desktop and floor space. Add a cable duct to your desk to keep those pesky wires under control and out of sight.

Still struggling to decide? Have a look at the FAQs and support section on FlexiSpot’s website for guidance, or check out the FlexiSpot blog for inspiration and words of wisdom on setting up productive, healthy and beautiful work spaces.