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Best Gifts for the Fitness Enthusiast in Your Life

08 June 2022

In an age where many people suffer from lifestyle diseases, it’s good to recognize the fitness enthusiasts in your life and encourage them to stay the course. Fitness offers many health and wellness benefits, such as reducing the risk of developing cancers, reducing the risk of diabetes type 2, and cardiovascular diseases.

Fitness routines also help you increase your productivity, boost your mood and enhance mental wellness. Fitness is generally good for overall wellness.

Gifting a fitness enthusiast can feel like a daunting task since most of them seem to have everything they need. This doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate gifts that align with their lifestyles every now and then. Here’s a list of simple, grand, practical, and thoughtful gifts you can give a fitness enthusiast in your life.

Fitness Enthusiasts

29 Gift Ideas for Fitness Enthusiasts

1. Fitness Dice Workout Games

It’s common to feel demotivated to work out even when someone generally enjoys exercising. To help them get out of this rut, you could get them fitness workout games. This is an exciting way to spice up workout routines and motivate them to get back on their fitness journey. The games also come with cards that act as tutorials on the various exercises without needing to watch workout videos on apps. So, they can carry on with these exercises even in remote areas and without any disruptions to the regimen.

2. Kettlebells

Kettlebells are a good gift for fitness enthusiasts regardless of their fitness level. A kettlebell is compact and portable, making it ideal for exercises in different places. Kettlebells offer various benefits like improving core and overall strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, and coordination. They also help with cardio workouts and provide the perfect balance to get lean muscles.

Kettlebells are also easy to maintain, so the person you’re gifting doesn’t feel like they’re getting an extra chore. The best kettlebells to buy have metal casting without plastic. The weight of the kettlebell depends on the fitness level of a person, age, gender, and weightlifting experience.

Folding Treadmill

3. Folding Treadmill

Get your loved one a folding treadmill to use at home or at their workplace. The folding treadmill also works as a standing desk and allows them to include exercise.This exercise equipment has adjustable height levels to reduce damage to the knee joints. It’s a perfect way to help your friend or relative burn calories and maintain their fitness lifestyle.

4. Ice Cold Massage Roller

It’s small, portable, chic, and offers a variety of benefits to the fitness enthusiast in your life. An ice-cold massage roller combines elements of ice and a massager to provide relief after a workout session without the mess of an ice pack. It helps reduce inflammation, soreness in muscles and relieves pain. It’s easy to use and serves as a gift your friend won't see coming.

5. Under-desk Elliptical Machine

The under-desk elliptical machine is a welcome gift for the person who spends a lot of time sitted while working. It helps burn calories while going about other activities since one can pedal as they work, read, or even watch TV. An under-desk elliptical machine can also be helpful for physical rehabilitation at home. It’s quiet, so it doesn’t cause any noise distractions.

Under Desk Bikes

6. Under Desk Bikes

For more intense workout sessions, the under desk bike provides an opportunity for work and fitness balance. It allows one to cycle on the spot while working. The under-desk bike fits seamlessly with a sit or standing desk. Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the gift.

7. Workout Journal

A workout journal and planner is a simple, thoughtful, and useful gift for the exercise junkie in your life. It helps them document their workouts, gain insights into their exercise patterns, and assess progress. Workout journals also help them create and document their workout plans. It makes it easy to audit their fitness plan and adjust it to fit their health goals.

8. Fitness Tracker

While it may seem like every fitness enthusiast has a smartwatch to track their fitness journey, it’s never a bad idea to upgrade them to the latest superior product in the market. Fitness trackers will help track the number of steps taken and monitor sleep, and heart rate, among other aspects. You can also connect them to apps containing workout videos or create customized health programs. They offer many resources to enhance individual fitness journeys.

Gym Bag

9. Gym Bag

A gym bag is probably one of the easiest gifts to pick out for fitness enthusiasts, even when you don’t know much about workout equipment and accessories. You can’t go wrong with a gym bag because it’s practical. Find a sizable one that can fit extra clothes, towels, mats, and grooming items after the workout. You might also want to buy one with compartments to fit in the stinky workout clothes and shoes. Make sure you know your loved one’s style so they also feel stylish while using it.

10. Cooling Towel

A cooling towel is a great gift, especially during the hot weather. Exercising during hot days can be very uncomfortable, and a cooling towel would help lower the body temperature. It’s easy to use since you only need to wet it, wring it and place it on the body. It’s a simple gift that shows thoughtfulness. Your friend will feel like you pay attention to their fitness lifestyle.

11. Bala Bangles

The wrist weights have been a hit with celebrities in the past few years. They are stylish and add an edge to your workout or yoga sessions. One can wear bala bangles as they do their grocery run, walk around, or go for their daily jog. They are useful during cardio workouts. Bala bangles can also help with toning arm muscles and burning calories.

Adjustable Dumbbells

12. Adjustable Dumbbells

The adjustable dumbbells are made of durable cast iron material preventing them from destruction, and featuring a black paint finish to prevent corrosion and rust. This gift offers the fitness enthusiast durability, a lifetime of performance, and versatility in their exercises. The dumbbells also come in black, so they are appealing for anyone.

13. Sneakers

A good pair of sneakers is a must-have for anyone who works out. The good thing is one can never have enough pairs of sneakers, so feel free to give them another pair. Make sure they are workout friendly to enhance their running or exercise experience. You can’t go wrong with a good pair of sneakers.

14. Earbuds

With busy schedules, many fitness enthusiasts take their workout sessions as an opportunity to listen to podcasts or music. A good pair of earbuds that’s sweat-resistant, waterproof, and noise-canceling enables them to carry out a variety of exercises while zoning out from the world.


15. Sunglasses

A good pair of sunglasses is a good gift for fitness enthusiasts who enjoy outdoor workouts. Get them quality sunglasses, so they don’t have to deal with sunlight as they break some sweat. Don’t forget to pick a stylish pair that works for their face types and personal style. Sunglasses work beyond the workout environment.

16. Yoga Socks

Yoga socks are the perfect gift for someone into yoga, ballet, and dancing. The non-skid socks effectively prevent slipping as one does their yoga or barefoot activities. One can also use yoga socks as they move around the house.

17. Fitness Classes Gift Card

Does the fitness enthusiast in your life have a workout instructor that they have wanted to work with? A fitness class gift card is a wonderful way to surprise them and make their wishes come true. You could also research top workout classes that may be of interest to your loved one and gift them. Leverage the power of remote classes to link your loved one with top fitness instructors worldwide.


18. Armbands

Fitness enthusiasts need a place to keep their phones during their runs and workout sessions. They could also want to carry a post-workout snack. Get a quality armband that will hold their phones securely during their exercise session and preferably one that’s also waterproof in case there’s a downpour as they have outdoor sessions. Armbands are helpful since they make it easy to carry the phone and also pick up calls while working out.

19. Beast Blender

The personal blender has gained rave reviews from many people. This blender is an ideal gift to help your friend make a post-workout drink. It crushes ice and allows you to blend small amounts of sauces, dressings, fruits, and other healthy foods you may want to add to your smoothie. It’s perfect for fitness enthusiasts who want just a serving or two of a healthy drink with various ingredients. It’s easy to hand wash, and most of its parts are dishwasher safe. The blender also comes in a portable size and is stylish. There are two variations; the beast blender and the beast blender + hydration system.

20. Kickboxing Gloves

If the fitness enthusiast in your life enjoys a boxing session, a quality set of kickboxing gloves is a great idea. Get gloves that have knuckle and wrist support. They should also be made of breathable material to prevent sweat and odor build up inside the gloves. This is a simple, useful, and thoughtful gift.


21. Leggings

Quality leggings are a good gift for the female fitness enthusiast in your life. Quality leggings work for any type of workout since they are comfortable and don’t constrict movement. With a good pair of leggings, they don’t have to readjust their clothes even when doing complex yoga poses. Leggings are also stylish and can be body-flattering for most fitness junkies. Get a pair or two in their correct size and style.

22. Anti-grip Basketball Gloves

Looking to gift your basketball-loving fitness enthusiast? The anti-grip basketball gloves will give them a challenge in their game as they make it hard to grasp the ball, thereby increasing their handling, dribbling, and resistance training. You would be spicing up their game while improving their game expertise.

23. Headlight Beanie

A beanie with a headlight is a great addition for someone who loves running at night. Eliminate the need for a flashlight with a beanie integrated with a headlamp. The LED headlamps in the beanies also provide an extra safety measure since they also enable drivers to see the joggers and runners, thus preventing accidents. The beanie will keep the fitness enthusiast in your life warm, and they can use it for other tasks in their homes.

Full Coverage Sports Bra

24. Full Coverage Sports Bra

Just like sneakers and leggings, one can never have enough workout bras. Make sure you get it in the right size and personal style for the woman you’re gifting. The best sports bras are made of moisture-wicking material so that the chest isn’t soaked in sweat during the workout session.

25. Unitards

There’s a reason unitards are popular. They’re made of sweat-wicking material and are stretchy, making them ideal for a range of exercises. Whether the fitness enthusiast in your life enjoys yoga, cycling, or dancing, a unitard will work well for them.

26. Yoga Mat and Bag

Want to gift the yogi in your life? Get them the best yoga mat and a bag to carry it. Ensure it has a firm grip so they can comfortably do their yoga poses, whether at a yoga studio or at home.

Electronic Foot Massager

27. Electronic Foot Massager

The feet are bound to get tired and sore from all the exercises. An electronic foot massager will relieve areas you might miss while giving a foot rub. This is a gift that also works after a long day at work or running errands.

28. Bathroom Scale

Weight is an important aspect of the fitness journey. You can get your loved ones a bathroom scale to aid in checking their weight gains and losses as they continue with their fitness routines.

29. Airfryer

Eating healthy is crucial in fitness. Show the fitness enthusiast in your life that you care with an air fryer. They can quickly make healthy meals. It would assist them in having delicious healthy food and eliminate the need for long hours in the kitchen. They probably don’t have the time to make healthy meals, so you’d probably help them cut down on takeouts too.


There are many gifts that fitness enthusiasts could find useful. Your safest bets are items they use in their daily workouts. Technological products geared towards enhancing their working out experience and fitness routines also help them stick to this lifestyle while providing useful information. Don’t hold back; you could also get them workout equipment.

Additionally, with any gift, the personalization aspect makes the gift special. Find a way to make your loved one feel like the gift was chosen specifically for them even though it’s not custom-made. You could add a cute note or accompany it with an item that makes it extra special.