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9 Useful Tips to Make Your Small Office Look Bigger

08 February 2022

A small office space may seem nice and cosy to some of you, but it can be a cramped and claustrophobic space for others. But given the changing dynamics of the workplace, small offices are now becoming a reality.

An increasing number of employees are working from home, and not all homes have a designated office space. Moreover, a growing number of businesses are now downsizing and moving to smaller premises to save costs. This means that small offices are an inevitable reality and the new normal. Fortunately, there are several small space solutions that allow you to make your small office seem bigger.

If you are looking for small space solutions and transforming your small office, this post is for you. Here we share nine ways to make your small office seem bigger. Whether you have a small home office or are planning to make your conventional office appear bigger, these small space solutions are practical and give you a sense of a larger space so you can be more productive at your workplace.

So let’s get started.

Choose a Simple Theme

1. Choose a Simple Theme

To get started with the transformation of your small office and make it appear bigger, start by choosing a simple theme. It is super important to keep it simple and focused, so you don't end up cluttering your small space.

Remember, your goal is to create an illusion of more space rather than creating a cramped office. So you can start by asking yourself simple questions such as

Do you want your small office space to appear modern or old?
Will you replace all your existing furniture, or will you continue to use it?
What items do you need in your office?
What colour scheme will go best with your existing furniture and other items in your small office?

Answering these questions and getting some ideas from websites and Pinterest will help you choose a simple theme for your office.

Repaint Your Walls with a Lighter Color

2. Repaint Your Walls with a Lighter Color

Once you decide on the theme for your small office space, you need to repaint your office walls. It is always best to opt for lighter colours for smaller spaces, and light colours create an illusion of more space.

But as you choose a lighter colour for your small office, don't forget that colours can influence your mood, focus, and even productivity. So even when you go for lighter hues, choose colours that allow you to be more focused and productive. Unlike popular belief, white is not the best shade to boost productivity. A study at the University of Texas revealed that light blue and green shades are much better at enhancing productivity and improving focus than white colour. In all, it's best to opt for lighter colours, and it can be even better if you choose lighter tones of blue and green so you get an illusion of enhanced space and can also enjoy better productivity.

Create Symmetry Where Possible

3. Create Symmetry Where Possible

Another tip that will help you make your small office seem bigger is creating symmetry.

Symmetry creates a calming effect as it allows your eyes and mind don't have to bounce around the space to see everything because symmetry keeps things simple and similar. So if you have furniture in your small office space, make sure you go for a matching desk and chairs along with similar lighting. By doing so, you can reduce the chaos in your small space and make it more appealing while appearing larger.

Use Appropriate Lighting Fixtures

4. Use Appropriate Lighting Fixtures

One of the best ways to make your small office seem bigger is to have plenty of light. While it is best to have plenty of natural light flowing into your office, in case sunshine doesn’t find its way into your office space, you can always invest in lighting fixtures.

However, when choosing lighting fixtures for small spaces, make sure your aim is not just to light up the space but also to create more depth and character for your office. Hence, it's important to choose the right placement of the lighting fixtures and add background light behind some of the essential items in your office.

Some of the common areas where you should consider adding background lighting along with a central lighting fixture include the following.

Underneath the desk,
Behind the screen of your computer or where you place your laptop,
Around the window frame, and
Behind the shelves.

You can also invest in desk tables and standing lighting fixtures that will help create an illusion for more space in your small office.

Choose Functional Furniture

5. Choose Functional Furniture

If you want to make the most of your small space and want it to appear bigger simultaneously, it's important to choose functional furniture. When choosing furniture for your small office, opt for sleek and minimalistic designs. However, do not compromise functionality. Even when you have a small office space, it is still important to opt for comfortable and functional furniture. And it's even better to go for ergonomic office furniture.

Ergonomic office furniture helps improve your posture and saves you from several health concerns resulting from prolonged sitting and a sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, it also helps boost your productivity while keeping you comfortable. If you are looking for durable, ergonomic furniture, Flexispot makes your best choice as it is a reliable supplier of ergonomically designed office furniture and accessories.

L-Shaped Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desks

6. Put Your Desk in a Corner

As important it is to choose the appropriate furniture, it is equally important to opt for the correct placement of your office essentials, including your office desk. While your workstation or office desk is the most critical part of your office, it doesn’t always have to be at a central location, especially when you have a small office space.

If you place your office desk in the centre of the room, it will create several dead spaces in the room that will make your small room appear smaller. A better alternative is to place your desk in a corner. While it gives a more composed look to your room, it also creates more space for your workstation. Moreover, when you place your desk in the corner of the room, it also allows you to create more space at the workstation as you can also invest in an L-shaped desk when you place your desk in the corner. An L-shaped desk is a perfect solution for any corner, especially for users who need a little more space to enhance their productivity.

And one of the best L-shaped desks you can find on the market is the L-Shaped Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desks by Flexispot. The stable and sturdy height adjustable standing desk is one of the best ergonomic solutions for small spaces. The L-shaped desk is height adjustable which you can use as a conventional sitting desk. But as soon as you feel fatigued after prolonged sitting, you can convert it into a standing desk that allows you to improve your posture, focus, and productivity. Moreover, the sleek, L-shaped desk maximizes space and creates more room for your office essentials in your small office space.

Use Vertical Space

7. Use Vertical Space

As you broaden your horizontal space by choosing an L-shaped desk, don’t forget to make the most of your vertical space by investing in shelves and cabinets. When you think of using the vertical space in your small office, remember that you can use it up to the ceiling if required.

Vertical furniture doesn't take up much of your floor space, so it gives an illusion of more space in your small office. Moreover, it also keeps your small office appear neat.

Invest in Shades Instead of Curtains

8. Invest in Shades Instead of Curtains

While shades are the preferred choice in conventional offices, that's not always the case in home offices. Curtains may not take up a lot of space in your home office, but since they are usually made from thicker material, they appear bulky and take a lot of space in the office.

A better alternative would be to go for shades such as blinds that take up a lot lesser space in the room than curtains and make the space appear larger.

Keep Your Office Clean

9. Keep Your Office Clean

It might come last on the list but keeping your office clean is one of the best ways to make your small office appear bigger. Use storage wisely and try and keep the clutter in your office to a minimum and you can easily make your small office appear bigger.

Final Words

If you have a small office space that feels cramped, don't worry. With these nine ways to make your small office seem bigger, you can create an illusion of more depth and space in your office even when you don't really have it. From simple themes to the right colours to choosing appropriate furniture and the correct placement of the furniture, you can make your home office feel larger than it is and create a comfortable and productive workspace.