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7 Things You Should Look For in Your New Office Desk

24 May 2022

The first thing you'll need to know when shopping for a desk is the size of the furniture you're looking for. Do you need a large desk with lots of desk space or do you just want something small? This will help narrow down your search. Here are 7 things you should look for in your new office desk.

1. What size do you need?

This will greatly help you determine the desk space you want in your office. Generally, desks come in a range of sizes and shapes. Want a small desk with lots of space for paperwork or other office supplies? Check out shelves or other storage options for your supplies. Do you need an open area for writing or computer use? Look at desks that have less storage, but allow more room to move around in.

2. What type of desk surface do you need?

Wooden: A desk made from wood is a classic look. It can also be more durable depending on its construction. Using wood in your office gives it a warmth and antique look. It is also very versatile in terms of the different types, colours, and finishes that can be used.

Glass: These desks are popular for offices with a designer style because the glass surface looks great and allows for easy visual organisation at work. The downside to glass desks is that they can get dirty more easily and may require maintenance. A glass desk is sleek, modern looking and provides the ability to see all of your items at once. Glass desks are a good choice for individuals who have many items on their desk or visitors who may come into your office from time to time (i.e., clients.)

3. What features do you need?

Next, look at the features of your desired office desk. Is it adjustable? There are many types of desks available, from standing height to sitting height options and beyond, so find one that suits your needs.

If you're planning on using your desk as a standing desk, then you may want to consider electric height-adjusting desks. You can alter the height in seconds, which makes switching back and forth between sitting and standing positions very easy. These desks also come in many styles, shapes and sizes, so finding a good one won't be too difficult.

Do you need a large desk, or just a regular desk with limited space? If you want a larger desk, look at adjustable desks that can raise the height to the height of your standard desk. These can be great for those who have chairs that are too small for them and want to get an even bigger space for their things. You can also choose between stands that hold the base of your chair and options that work with several types of chairs (i.e., swivel/tilt chairs.)

4. What type of furniture do you want?

If you're looking for a smaller space with limited storage options, then look at desks that come with storage options such as shelves. You can easily place books or supplies onto these shelves so that it is easy to access them when needed. If you want to display your objects, then you can go with a side table or other type of table. Many offer storage solutions above the surface of the desk and below, so that all of your items are visible and easy to access.

5. What colours do you prefer?

Colour is a very personal preference. Your office space does not have to be "brick and glass" to look professional or inviting. You can buy furniture from many sources, so don't feel limited when finding the perfect colour scheme for your office. Consider your personal style and what you like to keep at your desk when searching for the perfect colour. For example, if you like to have a good amount of green around you, find a desk that has enough space for plants or decorations.

6. Are you in search of something new or used?

Not all used office furniture is bad quality furniture, so consider buying used if price is an issue for you. You can find used office furniture much cheaper than new because of the condition it is in. Do some research on how to fix broken pieces or how to change your new old furniture into something that meets your tastes and needs better.

7. What style do you want your office to have?

Whether you like a contemporary or traditional look in your office, there is a desk for that. There are several styles of desks available, so take time browsing the variety and find one that suits your current and future needs. If you are creating an additional space, then think about how you want your office to appear when it is complete. Consider themes such as mid-century modern or modern design, giving your new office a more unique look.

In summary, you should be able to find the perfect office desk for you once you know what your preferences are. There are many options available when it comes to buying an office desk. These tips will help narrow down your search, so that you can find a desk that works best in your office space and needs.