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5 Best Study Desks for Kids

16 March 2021

You will always remember that first day that your child came home with homework, or maybe that memory is replaced with the time when your child made a fuss over homework. Whichever homework memory you’re thinking of, it probably made you realize that your kid(s) need a working space.

Look at it this way; that’s if you’re not convinced yet, every working adult has a workspace, whether it be a home office or at your workplace. Therefore, children also need a study desk for their books, projects, and homework.

Child experts have emphasized the importance of a study area for your child and how it can encourage interest in school work for kids. Young kids will revel in the idea of having their study corner that they can imagine is their office just like their parents might have.

The dedicated learning area for your child can even be a nice desk and chair set that you have in their room. It will help them be able to separate playtime and study time much easier. Let’s explore some other reasons why having a study desk for your children is important:

  • There are less distractions

Distractions are inevitable, even if you tuck yourself in a quiet corner. For kids, anything can serve as a distraction as their young minds are trying to satisfy their curiosity. Having a study desk for your child can help them focus on their studies better and longer than they would if working on a sofa, dining area, or sitting on the floor.

  • Cultivates good study habits

A study desk can help children cultivate good study habits like sitting upright and sitting in the best posture. While lying down or sitting cross-legged on a sofa might be comfortable, it is easy to get tired fast and lose concentration from adjusting sitting positions to find one that is comfortable.

  • Overall healthier and more comfortable

Many studies have been conducted on the effects of posture on human health, and bad posture can lead to serious ailments. Therefore, it is important to train your child in good postures from early on. With a study desk, children will have a more comfortable place to work and practice sitting in a good posture from a young age.

  • Easy to tidy

Let’s honestly talk about clutter from children who don’t have one central area for their stuff. That’s how homework is lost, and you’re buying the third pencil of the day, and on cleaning day, you’ll find the math book in the dishwasher. Having a study desk helps kids tidy their work and have a central place for their school and study work. It minimizes hours spent looking for school work and other stationery as well.

It is easy to see the importance of a study desk for your children. However, you can’t just buy any desk and get it over with. You need to pick the right ergonomic study desk for your children that will help them.

kid study.jpg

What are the 5 best study desks for children?

A good study desk has many advantages for your children and plays a major role in their learning experience. While you want to be within budget, you can still get a good study desk for your child. See 5 recommendations below:

Flexispot height adjustable ergonomic study desk

Flexispot Kids desk is everything that your child needs and that you need for your child. First, marvel at a desk that grows with your child. This desk is ideal for children of all ages as you can adjust its height as your child grows. In fact, it allows you to introduce your child to standing desks early. This ergonomic kids study desk has rounded ages to prevent your kids from hurting themselves, and no need to worry about spills as it’s waterproof and even includes a bag hook for your child. The Flexispot study desk is not only childproof and affordable but big enough to serve your child from kindergarten to college.


The Vivo interactive kids study desk

The Vivo study desk is a smart design kids desk that features height adjustments to help you use it as your child is between the ages of 3 to 10. It is an ergonomic desk that helps your kids sit better and more comfortably and comes with spacious storage space. The desk surface is also adjustable as you can tilt it up to 40 degrees. Your child’s hands will not pinch the desk either and help encourage organization in your child early.

Baby joy kids desk

As the name suggests, this desk set is made with the child's comfort in mind. It is a perfect desk for your kids to do their studies, organize their school work and learning materials. It is also great for drawing, and that will make your young artists very happy. Baby joy kids desk is ergonomic and ideal for kids between 3 and 14 years old. It is an adjustable desk and can rise from 21 inches to 28 inches from the ground.

Mecor height adjustable study desk

A desk made out of high-quality plastic and ideal for your child to stay organized and have a nice space to work on. The study desk is also height-adjustable, allowing you to save on replacing desks every time your child outgrows them. Moreover, this desk also features an LED light fixed to the table's side, and you can adjust the brightness for your children.

Guidecraft art center study desk

Spacious and sturdy, a desk made to serve your child for a long time. The desk is ergonomic and scratch-proof. The ergonomics fitted to ensure that your child doesn’t suffer back pain if they’re sitting or drawing for a long time. You also get ample storage with this study desk.

The bottom line, many study desks are ideal for your child, and knowing the advantages of ensuring that your kids have a study area, it is only natural that you invest in the best. A good study desk could help spark an interest in your child to get their reading done in advance or pay attention for longer.