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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Bedroom Space

19 Jul. 2022

Many people spend most of their time in their bedrooms. Most bedrooms are meant for sleeping, but these days, they're also designed for relaxation, socialising, watching TV, and working. It makes sense then why you'd want to make it as comfortable and well-utilised as possible. After all, your bedroom is where you sleep, relax, and unwind. It's where you should feel most relaxed and happy!

With these opportunities available, you need a functional, comfortable bedroom space that allows you to be and do your best. Here are five tips to maximise the space you have in your bedroom without sacrificing comfort and functionality.

1. Use natural light

The simplest and most effective way to maximise your space is to ensure you have access to natural sunlight. Studies have shown that rooms with good natural light are 2-5 times more likely to be used than those which are not, because it gives people a sense of well-being and improves concentration. The amount of natural light you need is not as simple as opening a window.

Lighting design services have suggested that if a room has a north-facing window, it is in fact helpful to ceiling-mount the lights. You should place lights on the walls so that they cast shadows over the furniture and floor, creating an area where people are more likely to sit and relax.

2. Decorate with texture and soft colours

The most effective way of creating an atmospheric feel is by using texture and soft colours in your room. While we recommend using a colour palette that is both simple and neutral (if it suits your personal style), your aim should not be to design your bedroom with minimalism. The aim is simply to create a serene atmosphere which can help you relax, unwind and concentrate.

To enhance comfort in your bedroom, we recommend using a rug to soften footfall and noise made by carpets or hard floors. Add a handful of cushions, soft furnishings, and ornaments to create a space that feels cosy.

3. Make use of vertical space

When you're trying to remove as much clutter as possible, make use of vertical space. This should be more evident in your bedroom, because it is the room where you spend the most time in. Make sure that you have a place in your bedroom where you can store the things that you rarely use, like books and magazines. Keep furniture that needs to be removed for access to other rooms in a central location, where it is easier for family members and house guests to access.

4. Invest in comfortable, ergonomic bedroom furniture

The variety of furniture available today is unprecedentedly vast. While the furniture you choose for your home should complement your style, it should also be designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind. The only way to do this is to consult an expert on the matter. With our range of ergonomic furniture, we offer several options that are designed to maximise your space while being functional and comfortable. We manufacture our products with high-quality materials capable of lasting long despite frequent use.

Investing in furniture such as an adjustable electric bed base topped with a memory foam mattress is a great way to ensure you have enough sleep every night. Memory foam provides rebound and support, while the supportive adjustable frame reduces strain on the muscles in your lower back. Additionally, the larger-sized frame option will allow you to move your mattress position around freely without disturbing your sleeping partner.

5. Minimise distractions and clutter

One of the easiest ways to create an expansive and productive space is by removing distractions and clutter from your bedroom. If possible, consider using separate spaces for different activities like working, relaxation, or reading (which can also be done in different spaces).

The best way to make the most out of your bedroom is to start with a smart area divider. A room divider can be used to create a space between different areas, such as a sleeping and a lounging area. This creates a feeling of expanded space without necessarily sacrificing comfort.

Use storage boxes to make use of all the available storage space in your room, whether it's inside a wardrobe, in a cupboard, on top of a bookshelf, or under your bed. This can work wonders to maximise the space you have in your bedroom without sacrificing comfort - as long as you remember that smaller rooms need more creative solutions for effective storage solutions.

At the end of the day, all you want is to maximise your bedroom space without sacrificing quality of life. While it can be tempting to simply use the standard furniture pieces you have at home, it is important that these are ergonomically designed and can ensure you have a relaxing and comfortable sleep every night.

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