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4 Expert Tips for Perfectly Organising Your Desk Drawers

11 October 2023

Your workstation is the centre of your professional universe. If this space becomes cluttered or disorganised, you may struggle to be productive or focused. This can easily turn into a source of irritation and distraction!

However, there is a solution to this problem - decluttering, organising and streamlining your desk drawers. Let's jump straight in and transform your desk drawers from disorganised chaos to effective, organised havens for your office supplies!

Decluttering Your Desk Drawers

A disorganised workspace can cause interruptions, decrease productivity and make it harder to locate essential items when you need them! Despite its importance, it can feel impossible to keep your desk drawers organised. This is because many of us have a tendency to just stuff random items into our drawers, with no thought or organisation.

In contrast, desk drawer organisation can significantly increase productivity and save you time! Let's discuss how you can do this:

1) In the first instance, you should remove everything from the drawer. You will now be able to clearly see what you're dealing with!

2) Once the items have been removed you should sort them into various piles which include rubbish/recycling, items that don't need to be in the desk drawers and those that do!

3) Pop the rubbish/recycling piles into the relevant bins, and put all of the items back that aren't in the correct place! This initial purge will free up space whilst also making it easier to organise the items you need to have in your workstation.

Using Drawer Organisers and Dividers

Now that you've cleaned out your desk drawers, it's time to organise them by adding drawer dividers and organisers. By using these tools, you can keep your workspace organised whilst ensuring that everything has its place.

There are a variety of drawer organisers available on the market, each designed to suit specific organisational needs. For storing smaller office supplies like pens, paper clips, and sticky notes, typical solutions include trays and bins. Another popular choice is drawer dividers. This is because drawer dividers let you designate particular compartments within your drawers for things like stationary, wires, or personal belongings. Consider custom drawer solutions that can be customised to your particular needs if you're looking for something with a more personalised feel.

These organisers are compatible with all types of desks including height adjustable and standing desks which explains their popularity. These organisers mean you can keep all of your essential items within arms reach whether you're standing or sitting. This maximises the efficiency of your workspace. Therefore, to ensure a clutter-free, organised workstation invest in some high-quality organisers and dividers before you throw your belongings back into your height adjustable desk drawers.

Make Use of Vertical Space

Making the most of your vertical space is just as important to efficient organisation as the horizontal dimensions of your desk drawers. Utilise the verticality of your drawers to maximise storage and further organise your workstation.

Think about using tools and accessories created especially for vertical organisation in your drawers. The best drawer dividers for maximising the available space have many levels or tiers. They make it easy to stack things orderly on top of one another!

Hanging organisers are another fantastic choice for vertical storage. These clever solutions can be suspended from the sides or back of your drawer. They offer additional pockets and compartments for items like wires, notepads, or office supplies. They work particularly well for keeping frequently used items within easy reach.

These vertical organisation tools are applicable to standing and height adjustable desks as well as conventional office desks. Incorporating these storage options within your drawers will improve their organisation and appearance. So, don't overlook them when you're looking to improve the organisation of your desk drawers!

Implementing Labelling and Maintaining Your Drawers

Now that your drawers are organised, you need to find a way to maintain this order! To do this you should incorporate labelling and establish a regular maintenance routine. If you implement these finishing touches, your drawers will stay organised!

So, how should you go about labelling your drawers? Label each compartment or container in your drawers with precise, succinct labels. Whether it's office supplies, cables, or stationary, labelling ensures that you and anybody else utilising your workspace can find what they need right away. Use adhesive labels or invest in a label maker for a polished, professional look.

The secret to long-lasting organisation is routine upkeep. Every week or month, set aside a specific time to go through and organise your drawers. Review the contents of your drawers during this maintenance period and get rid of anything that you no longer need. Place missing items back where they belong and update labels as necessary.

Whether you work at a standing desk, a height adjustable desk, or a conventional seated workstation, your labelled drawers will continue to be a haven of efficiency and order. Regular upkeep will not only keep your workstation functional but also make your daily tasks easier by ensuring that everything is where it belongs when you need it. In order to achieve optimal desk drawer organisation, embrace labelling and regular upkeep.

Concluding Thoughts on Desk Organisation

Congratulations! Today, you've embarked on a journey to ensure your desk drawers are a haven of order and efficiency. You've created the framework for a workstation that encourages productivity and reduces distractions by putting the four professional tips we've discussed into practice. These organisational techniques are flexible and useful whether you work at a regular sitting desk, a standing desk or height adjustable desk.