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13 Essentials I Always Keep at My Desk

18 October 2021

There are two types of people in the workplace: those who keep a tidy desk and those who don't. Though there's nothing wrong with having a cluttered desk, it can be annoying for both you and your colleagues. Some think a messy desk is a sign of a creative individual, and what we consider "mess" may appear to someone else to be perfectly organized. While a report stated that some items should never be kept at your workstation, there are things that you can keep on hand to increase your productivity and make your workstation more comfortable for you.

The status of my workstation sets my tone for the day when I sit down at it at the start of a shift. It's virtually impossible to be cheerful when you take a seat to a mountain of documents, a filthy coffee mug the previous day, and have to push stuff away to locate the keyboard practically. Even though your desk is neat, it will do nothing to lift your spirits if it is dull or empty. If your desk is neat and well-stocked with all of the tools you'll need for a stress-free day, as well as having some vibrancy and vitality, you'll feel more upbeat and likely be more productive. To make my workdays better, I keep the following items at my work desk:

Daily Planner

Daily Planner

This dependable buddy is, of course, a must-have on your workstation for a stress-free day. But, rather than settling for a bland plain planner or one of the usual company planners that every other teammate has, invest in one that genuinely helps you lift your desk. Something ordinary in your planner will not suffice to encourage you.

Power Banks and Chargers

Imagine having your phone and all of your other gizmos but no charger or power bank. Because our world revolves around these devices, having a charger available is a good idea.

A Task Lamp With Warm Light

A Task Lamp with Warm Light

You could see what you need to without pushing your body to locate the perfect light or forcing your eyes to read in poor light if you have proper lighting. Reduce overhead lighting settings and provide employees with desktop task lights to save money on energy. According to research, enhancing task contrast is a significant way to offset costs and improve overall effectiveness. As a result, a task light can enhance not just your ergonomics while you work, decreasing tiredness and discomfort but also your productivity.

Water Bottle

There are times when you become so engrossed in your work that you almost forget about your body's fundamental needs. You'll stay hydrated all day with a water bottle. You don't want to be grumpy with your coworker simply because you're parched.

Sticky Notes and Notepads

Sticky Notes and Notepads

It's impossible to remember everything all of the time. Whatever you do, you'll always be seeking a last-minute savior before the manager asks for an emergency meeting or you're pressed for time to fulfill a quota. Keep a notepad and a few neat sticky notes on hand. Rewriting (or typing) important notes is the most excellent approach to commit them to memory. If you have a to-do list in a notebook, update it every morning with the top three tasks for that day so you can concentrate on the most critical things. Rewrite your notes when you return to work after a meeting, so you're more likely to recall them.


There's no better way to unwind after a long day at work than with a decent pair of headphones. Your mood will undoubtedly surge once you put on a comfortable pair and start listening to the carefully tailored playlist to make us happy or a highly inspiring podcast to help you enhance your productivity. Aside from that, excellent headphones are also helpful to have on your desktop when you need to join a phone call or attend a video conference without wasting time fiddling with tech. You may even place your headphones on your workstation to create a neat and dynamic workstation. Investing in a headset holder will help maintain those pricey headphones in tip-top shape.


Due to various causes, you may miss an important date, meeting, or deadline; nonetheless, putting a calendar on your desk will assist you in prioritizing and managing your schedule. Although you can use digital calendars on your computer or phone, you won't be able to keep clicking them all the time. Using a calendar is far more convenient and straightforward.


If you're anything like me, you'll spend a significant chunk of your working day sipping tea or coffee. Having your own lovely mug will brighten your day and make those excursions to grab coffee or tea that much more enjoyable. Whether you want a significant statement splattered across your mug or a beautifully handcrafted ceramic mug, sip from something you enjoy. A unique mug will also enliven your desk, and you might even have a charming coaster to go with it.



A plant on your desk might assist to liven up your workspace. A walk in the woods is well-known for its psychological and emotional advantages. Spending time outdoors can help you feel happier and more creative. The top desk plants thrive in low-light conditions and require little care, and some even help improve indoor air quality. Try an air plant, spider plant, succulent, or snake plant and position it near a windowsill or beneath a desk light.

Cushion or Back Support

Sitting for lengthy periods every day can be taxing on your back. Do not overlook it. Having back support or cushion on hand can help you avoid bothersome back problems.

Mobile Cabinets

Mobile Cabinets

So, while it may not be on top of the desk, it is certainly worthwhile! Mobile pedestals and file cabinets help store supplies, and some can even be used as guest chairs with the addition of a pad on top. Keeping storage near your workstation not only helps you stay organized but it also helps you stay focused. You can focus on more important things with temptations out of the way. 

You may choose one according to your preference by clicking here!

Mouth Fresheners or Chewing Gum

If you smoke, we recommend that you work on quitting and that you can use chewing gums and mouth fresheners in the meantime. It is suitable not just for smokers but also for individuals who eat raw onion salads. You would not want to smell like nicotine or onions when you walk into your manager's office or a client appointment.

A tidy desk can have a significant impact on your productivity. People establish perceptions of you based on your workstation, and your desk portrays who you are. A nice and clean workstation exudes efficiency and professionalism, and most people believe they can be more efficient and focused in such a setting.