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Four Ways to Use the 4-Leg Standing Desk E7Q

16 March 2023

Office setups have changed greatly in the past couple of years. While large, bulky, and customised desks used to be the vogue, we're seeing a shift to lighter and simpler adjustable desks that offer many use cases. An example of this is the E7Q, which is one of the top-standing adjustable desks on the market right now.

This ergonomic, lightweight, and stylish desk would fit well in any home or office. But if it's your first time seeing this desk, you might wonder about the best way to use it. And that's why we're here. In this article, we're looking at what the 4 leg standing desk E7Q is and four different use cases for the desk to try out yourself.

What Is the 4-Leg Standing Desk E7Q?

The 4-leg standing desk E7Q is one of the most elegant and versatile standing desks available right now. While it might seem lightweight and simple, the desk is built to carry a heavy load of up to 200kg while also blending in well with any interior setup. With a stable base, adjustable height, and a beautiful wooden top, it's no wonder this desk is one of the most popular adjustable desks on the market.

When you invest in this standing desk, you get a model with four separate motors that are all designed to work hard and silently. This is why you can easily raise or lower the desk without making that much noise. And unlike other standing desks, the E7Q adjusts itself fast, so you won't have to worry about waiting a long time whenever you press a button.

Additionally, this FlexiSpot desk has four columns. This allows the desk to be much more stable when you're operating it. That way, you don't have to worry about anything wobbling or falling over when trying to work.

But again, for first-timers, this standing adjustable desk might seem confusing. So, let's explore the different ways to use the FlexiSpot E7Q standing desk, whether in your office or at home!

Four Ways to Use the 4-Leg Standing Desk E7Q

While standing desks have become much more common recently, they are far from the most popular office or home desk choice. So, it isn't too surprising if it's your first time seeing or hearing about the FlexiSpot E7Q height adjustable desk.

And if you're wondering how to use the desk, we've got you covered. Here are four different use cases for the E7Q that you can try out yourself!

Alternating Between Sitting and Standing

Switching between standing and sitting is the easiest way to start adjusting to a standing desk.

“Sit, stand, sit.”

This is a common mantra among those that use standing desks and it's a great way to get used to this type of work set up. So, if it's your first time with the E7Q, we recommend that you start with the desk in the sitting position. Then, after an hour or two, try switching to the standing position and stay standing for another hour or two before you sit back down.

This doesn't just make it easier to start using a standing desk, but it allows you to boost productivity and take better care of your body in the process!

Group Work Sessions

Another way to take advantage of the E7Q is by using it during meetings or group work sessions. This is one of the largest FlexiSpot standing desks available, so you can easily use it with multiple people at the same time.

You can use this to talk to the team in a standing position or even place multiple laptops on the table and start working together. It can be hard to find ways to streamline productivity during group work, but it will be much easier with a standing desk.


The FlexiSpot E7Q is a multi-purpose surface. This is why you don't have to use it solely for work. If you want, you can also use this desk as a dining or coffee table. It's more than strong enough to hold food and cutlery. On top of that, you can switch to standing mode if you want to eat your lunch or breakfast standing to keep your energy levels high.

And if you have higher chairs than usual, you can also adjust the desk so the table is always at the optimal height.

For Studying

When studying, staying focused and productive is key. And having the ability to switch from sitting down to standing up every now and again might be just what you need to stay focused. Not only that, but the E7Q is a pretty large desk, meaning there's plenty of surface area to use during your studies - whether you're writing notes for an exam or revising from several different sources of information.


Standing desks aren't the go-to option for most people, but they offer many benefits. And now that you know the different ways to use the FlexiSpot E7Q Adjustable Desk, it might be about time for you to start using it for yourself.

Whether you're a student, a manager looking to provide the right office desk for your team to collaborate on, or are working from home and want to work both standing up and sitting down, the E7Q is a great choice.