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BS8, BS11 Pro, or BS12 Pro – What's The Difference?

13 Jun. 2023

Finding The Right Ergonomic Office Chair

We know how much of a difference an ergonomic chair can make to your overall work productivity and wellbeing – from improved back support to consistent comfort and less tension throughout your work day. These daily adjustments can make a considerable difference to your long term physical and mental health, especially for those of us who spend long periods of our day seated at a desk, so it's worth taking the time to invest in exactly the right ergonomic chair for you!

However, finding the right ergonomic chair for your office can be difficult to get right. There are many options to consider from overall design to range of adjustments, construction, and fabrics used. Fortunately, at Flexispot we make nuanced ergonomic chair options our focus and are confident we have the perfect model for you.

Let's explore our three most in demand office chair offers – the BS8 Flexi-Chair, the BS11 Pro, and the BS12 Pro – and see how they might work for you.

The BS8 Flexi-Chair Ergonomic Office Chair

The BS8 Flexi-Chair Ergonomic Office Chair is one of our longest standing pieces – kept in our range as it's just so popular! The BS8 features a high-value S-shaped ergonomic design, combining temperature-sensitive fibre velvet mesh to offer absolute breathability with delicate touch and luxurious comfort.

The contoured lumbar support and back support feature continues with the BS8, with dynamic adjustment options including a vertical adjustment range of 5cm to the back support, conforming to the natural curvature of the spine and allowing full adjustment to the body's movements throughout the working day. Providing soft support to the lower back, relieving pressure and minimising tension, the BS8 has expert features for an optimised, comfortable sitting experience.

The backrest is particularly impressive on the BS8. With a 9-level adjustable backrest with a full range of 7cm and 9 available positions confirming to ergonomic guidance, your angle of comfort is absolutely at your discretion, whatever task you're working on.

An arch-shaped full coverage headrest offers full support, ensuring the cervical spine is kept in a natural yet vertical position, aiding massively in pressure relief on the neck and allowing a sustainable, supportive, and comfortable sitting experience throughout your working day. A 3-stage synchronized chassis locks with ease, alongside an adjustable backrest range of 90°-135° providing optimised comfort throughout your errands with a full range of reclining positions.

A zero-pressure mesh seat cushion also provides full thigh support, reducing seat fatigue and thigh pressure with maintained breathability. Multi-stage armrests also provide users with full flexibility in arm and wrist support.

With sleek design and a wealth of ergonomic advancements, the BS8 makes for a perfect reliable office chair choice.

The Ergonomic Chair BS11 Pro

The Ergonomic Chair BS11 Pro combines absolute comfort and high quality with an extra level of features from the BS8. An attractive, modern office chair design combines professional aesthetics and consistent comfort and back support in an ergonomic breakthrough – the first choice for those working from home.

An advanced backrest design comes from in-depth research and advanced technology: fully ergonomically shaped, upholstered in breathable mesh, combining a fully structured adaptable lumbar support system. The seat of the BS11 Pro stands out for minimising seat fatigue and ensuring prolonged seated comfort throughout the day. With expertly crafted seat shape and materials, optimal blood circulation is promoted throughout use to ensure bodily health and comfort.

Three-dimensional adjusting armrests – including height, depth, and angle – give the BS11 Pro some of our most comprehensive armrest supports to date. A broad headrest with full height and angle adjustment enhances anatomical adaptability and gives a full range of neck support throughout your working efforts.

If your work involves working with your hands often or a high level of typing or keyboard use, the innovative ergonomic support of the BS11 Pro office chair combined with sophisticated arm support could be exactly what you're looking for.

The Ergonomic Chair BS12 Pro

The Ergonomic Chair BS12 Pro offers absolute lumbar support with some of our highest end design elements – so it might be the one for you if you're seeking an office chair with ergonomic support that doesn't sacrifice a little luxury design.

With three-button easy adjustment for height adjustment, back tilt angle lock, and seat depth adjustment, you can make adjustments as needed to the BS12 Pro with absolute ease throughout your day. A full range of flexibility within the BS12 Pro armrests allows absolute support for elbow joints through to wrists, supporting long periods of desk and keyboard work and a range of physical tasks. An expertly designed headrest helps reduce pain associated with working long hours, also protecting neck, shoulders, and the full length of the back.

A key feature of the BS12 Pro is the fabric choice: Korean Wintex Mesh is used throughout, providing sophisticated breathability from antimony free yarn with temperature adjustable traits for up to 10 years use, resistant to damage or fatigue manipulation. Adjustments and mechanism are developed by the luxurious Italian Donati system, assuring prolonged support and comfort for years to come.  

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