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6 Best standing desks in the UK 2021

07 September 2021

Did you know low back pain can affect about one-third of the UK's population?

Yes, there's indeed research that shows around 2.6 million people and counting seeks the advice of their GP's about this each year!

One of the main contributors is sitting for long periods at work or home on a chair, causing a bad posture and creating backache.

A great way to remove this risk is by choosing a standing desk that is healthy for your body and mind. An ergonomic standing desk allows you to switch between sitting and standing easily. Standing also enhances blood circulation, decreases fatigue, and avoids back and neck pain. As for mental health, using a standing desk can make your work more enjoyable and productive, etc.

To save you time browsing lots of websites online, check out our top picks for the six best standing desks for 2021. There's always one for you.

6 Best standing desks

1.FlexiSpot EG1


The FlexiSpot EG1 is a standing desk that balances budget and comfort! We say this because it's one of the most affordable ones on the market, costing £219.99, which is extremely helpful if you're on a limited budget. With that price range, you have the option to customise the colours of its frame, magnet and desktop, allowing it to compliment your room's interior.

The standing desk is fully adjustable, enabling you to change its height between 71-121cm, and you can also adjust it horizontally between 85-129cm. It also comes with a built-in button to save you the manual exhaustion of changing its height. The desk can handle up to 70kg of objects and has a width of 100-160cm and a diameter of 50-80cm for a desktop.

The top of the desk is curved and made out of a durable medium density fiberboard. Most people who have purchased this desk have also highlighted how quick it is to set up, saving them a lot of time.


2.FlexiSpot E7

If you're looking for a step up from a standard standing desk, then you must take a look at the FlexiSpot E7. This desk is part of their pro series and comes with a lot more features than a standard model. For instance, it can handle a great loading capacity or what is otherwise known as a super load of 125kg!

This is achieved by strong dual motors that allow for a 3.8-second lifting speed, ensuring that it is highly stable even at the highest setting. Moreover, if you work in a busy environment or plan to use a desk in an area full of animals or people, you don't need to worry about damage.

One unique feature is that it is made from powder-coated steel tubing, which is resistant against scratches and stains. Speaking of damage, this desk comes with an anti-collision function that keeps the desk safe when in motion, stopping any objects scratching it or crushing anything else while moving. Durability does not stop there; it's made out of solid wood that contains no harmful chemicals and is stronger than standard wood.

With this desk, you don't need to worry about workplace accidents from easy tripping over cables; it has a built in cable management system, enabling you to keep your room tidy. The E7 standing desk also has a child lock, preventing your children from injuring themselves from your desk. It's also highly adjustable, allowing you to change its height from 58-123cm. This desk is slightly more expensive than a standard model starting at £399.00 and comes with a keyboard, but that's nothing compared to the price of good health. 



Human Scale is a desk that costs £1,299, comes with a 5-year warranty and is made in the UK. It's a sleek desk showing a light oak surface and black legs made from recyclable aluminium steel. The floor to the base has a clearance of 65cm and can handle up to 33kg in weight. Finally, its minimalistic style allows it to fit in with any office.


4. Ikea BEKANT

The BEKANT standing desk comes in white or white and black, costing £395 with a 10-year guarantee included in the cost. It also has a built-in cable management system allowing you to store your cables safely under the desk.

The desk itself has an adjustment of 65-125cm, allowing you to change it from ergonomic to standing. Its composition is also 100% polyester, with the desktop having melamine foil and plastic edging, making it really easy to clean. Therefore you don't need to worry about those coffee or tea stains!


5. FlexiSpot H1

Another desk to consider if you're limited on a budget and wanting something economical is the FlexiSpot H1. This desk is affordable for many pockets costing £199.99. This desk gives you a lot of options to customise it, also changing the colour and the colour of the desktop.

The adjustable height of this desk is 71-121cm, and you can adjust it using the desk's foldable crankle handle while sitting or standing. Even better, you can install the handle and place it on the left or right, allowing you to use your dominant hand.

It can hold many objects with a loading capacity of 70kg and has solid steel wheels allowing you to move your desk without taking any objects off its surface! Finally, this desk ensures the most for your money coming with a 5 year warranty!


6. Fully JARVIS

The Jarvis standing desk is a stunning desk with its top made out of bamboo costing £509.00. It's an environmentally-friendly desk containing no pesticides and fertilisers. It also has a UV water based polyurethane coating making it easy to clean.

The standing desk can handle a lifting capacity of 158kg, and the desktop has a dimension of 150cm by 80cm. It has an adjustable height of 73.7cm-122.7cm and can move at a speed of 3.8cm per second. The desk also comes with a 15-year warranty allowing you to get the most for your money.



Well, there you have it, the 6 best standing desks for 2021! These desks will allow you to control your back posture and have flexibility in your options between sitting and standing. Choose one today and see the difference in your health and work-life!