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FlexiSpot Kids' Desk - A Standing Desk to Accompany Your Child's Growth

19 September 2023

Looking for a new desk for your child? We highly recommend a height-adjustable desk. Not only do these desks grow with your child, but they encourage active learning and reduce back pain and strain.

But is the FlexiSpot's kids' desk really the best option available, and is it worth all the hype?

Well, that's what we're getting into today. Below, we'll talk all about the new FlexiSpot kid's desk, what makes it special, and help you decide whether or not it's the right option for your child.

Read on to learn more.

An Overview of the FlexiSpot Kids' Desks

Before anything else, let's talk about the FlexiSpot Kids's desks and what you can expect from them.

Adjustable Height & Strong Motor

The most important feature of these types of desks by FlexiSpot is the strong motor, which allows you to adjust the desk height at the press of a button. As this is an electric desk, you will need to plug it into a socket.

However, when plugged in, the motor can raise or lower the desk depending on your child's needs. So, as your child grows, the desk can grow with them, so you won't have to regularly buy a new desk for your child to fit their needs.

On top of that, it has a reliable motor. The problem with many desks on the market right now is that the motor is weak. So, after just a few years or even months of use, the motor loses its power and can't raise or lower the desk as effectively. You don't have to worry about that with the kid's desks by FlexiSpot.

Sturdy Build

The motor isn't the only component of the desks that's built to last. Every single aspect of these desks is made from premium materials. That way, your child has a sturdy and stable surface for their school work, whether that be on the computer or with a pencil and a notebook. You don't have to worry about small bumps and dings damaging this table, which is why it's one of the best options for active kids on the market right now.

Child-Friendly Designs

One of the premier features of FlexiSpot's children's desks is their child-friendly design. From the smooth edges to the minimalistic surface, these desks are built to meet every kid's specific needs.

The desks even have a separate surface for lamps, speakers, and other gadgets your kid may want on the table. That way, they have a workstation that they can truly call their own that they have complete control over.

Why a Standing Desk Is The Perfect Option For Kids

While standing desks have become quite popular with adults, they haven't had as much hype for school kids. However, there are many reasons why you might want to switch your kid over to a standing desk, and the benefits may extend further than you think. So, here are just a few of the reasons why you may want to consider a standing desk for your kid.

A Desk That Grows with Your Kid

To start, a standing desk grows with your child. If you want to relieve pressure from your child's back and ensure that they have the optimal study setup, they need a desk that's always at the perfect height. Their desk should never be too high or too low as that can get in the way of productivity while also causing a range of physical problems like back pain.

Changing your kid's desk every few years as they grow taller is also impractical. With a standing desk, all you have to do is press a button, and you can raise it according to your child’s current height. That way, their desk is never too high or too low for their needs.

Reduce Time Sitting Down

Sitting down for too long isn't good for the body. Remember, our bodies are designed for movement. So, spending most of our day sitting down at a desk puts unnecessary pressure on the spine, which can get worse as time passes.

This is why having a desk that allows your child to switch between sitting and standing as needed is a huge plus. Not only will it keep your child active, but it can prevent back and mobility problems that may stem from spending too much time sitting down as a child.

Encourage Active Learning and Productivity

The right desk can make a world of difference in terms of productivity. When your child is standing, their body is more engaged. That way, they'll have more energy to finish whatever task is at hand, whether that's some school work or a project that they've picked up recently.

Studies show that adults who spend more time standing are more productive than those who are sitting down all day, and the same goes for children. So, if you're looking to boost your child's productivity, a standing desk could be what they need.

Is a FlexiSpot Kids' Desk Worth the Investment?

While FlexiSpot standing desks are more expensive than a typical desk, their benefits make them worth the investment. This is because a standing desk will last your child many years and will allow them to adjust their desk according to their needs. So, consider it a one-time investment in your child's productivity that will do wonders for their development over the next decade.