Get help with referral candy

  • When will I get my referral rewards?

After someone makes a successful order using your referral link or referral code,than you'll receive £10 cash for every order made with your link.Referral payments are processed on the 21st of each month, and will arrive in your PayPal account 3-5 days after the payments are processed.

  • What benefits for my friends if he/she makes purchases via my referral link?

Your friends will receive a direct discount on their purchase when successfully placing an order via your referral link or applying your referral code at the checkout page.

  • Can I use my code to purchase an item that is on sale?

It's depends.

Only one code of this website can be used when checking out. That means you can use the code for items which don't have to type in code to get a discount. 

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