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Briceyda Hernandez Briceyda Hernandez I've been on a search for a desk riser to help adjust my posture because my back pain is very real. Well I'm here to report that working on this has been amazing! Not only can I adjust it back to a seating level but I have all the space I need. When my flexispot desk adjuster came in I was happy to find out it already comes assembled and ready to use. If you're on a search for great desk converter I highly recommend flexispot. shop now banner Img Ella Cajayon Ella Cajayon What WFH actually looks like when you live in NYC and have to transform your closet-sized space into a home office. Luckily with flexispot, I can easily prop this standing desk on my drawers and just like that, my bedroom is suddenly a home office. shop now banner Img