Kana Smart desk E8

Unique design: Simple and luxurious design! A versatile desk frame that goes well with any patterned top plate.

Convenient elevating function: With one touch, you can quickly alternate between sitting and standing postures. It is a smart desk for various purposes such as refreshing by changing posture and eliminating drowsiness.


In the case of general timber, it takes decades or more to be harvested. On the other hand, bamboo is an excellent material that can be used as a bamboo laminated lumber in 3 to 5 years. In addition, bamboo has long been known for its antibacterial and deodorizing effects, and can demonstrate excellent hygiene. In addition, the elegant bamboo top plate is twice as durable as a regular wooden top plate, and the lacquer coating is resistant to scratches, moisture and insects.


FlexiSpot Sit2Go allows you to exercise while sitting in a chair.
Fitness bike: Exercise with your feet on the pedals like a car.
Ergonomically designed with a chair: The curve of the backrest is perfect for your body shape, reducing the burden on your lower back.


Be ergonomic

We aim to create a comfortable space that is kind to the body.
In order to deliver products that "come nicely" to the customer's body, we strive daily for research and development and carry out lean production.