Home Office chair OC5G

  • Simple design
  • With backrest locking

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Additional Information

It's sober and amazing!
  • The simple design is perfect for offices and dens, regardless of gender.
Flexisppt desk frame E8 anti-collision function
Freely adjust the height of the seat
  • The height can be adjusted up and down by 9 cm, and can be freely adjusted according to your height.
Made with a durable, high-quality steel frame with two rolling tracks for super-smooth rolling. It’s a spacious drawer that can hold up to a 22 lbs load, which is comparable to holding up 20 magazines! Available sizes 14.6", 11.3", and 3.9" sizes and are able to hold up more than 960 pieces of A4-size papers.
Let's support the waist
  • It can firmly support the lower back and reduce the burden on the lower back.
  • It's easy even if you sit for a long time.
This drawer includes a lock and two keys for your security and privacy. The quality of the lock itself is excellent, as it’s made by Steelto Security and perfect for all your personal belongings and confidential documents.
No stuffiness
  • The L-shaped seat, surrounded by high-quality sponge padding and upholstered fabric, features an arched backrest that supports the lumbar region.
  • The excellent elastic seat is more comfortable and supportive. 
  • You can sit comfortably even in the hot summer.
Its white coating gives it a simple and minimalistic look. It visually expands the room in the drawer and make space more than it is.
Can move smoothly
  • Since it has casters, it is convenient to move it in and out of the desk .