Standing Workstation Converters F3


Standing Workstation Converters F3


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Adjusts easily to the perfect desk height

Whether sitting down or standing up, you can easily adjust your CompactRiser so it’s at the perfect level for your height — you’re not locked into the pre-determined height levels that are common with other brands.

Same sturdy desktop riser. Slimmer design.

The slimmed-down design of the CompactRiser makes it ideal for installing in corner cubicles and workstations where space is limited.

Spacious Work Surface

An oversized desktop gives you plenty of surface area to hold your devices, notes, documents, and more. Plus, a deeper work surface offers a comfortable reading distance.

Quick Release Keyboard Tray

Conveniently detaches for fast and easy removal during writing and reading tasks that don't require a keyboard or mouse.

Fits most people's height

Placing CompactRiser on a 71cm high desk will accommodate users up to 175cm tall. Placing CompactRiser on a 79cm high desk will accommodate users up to 185cm tall.