Keyboard Tray KT2B


Keyboard Tray KT2B


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Versatile and spacious

This versatile and spacious 25”x 12” under-desk keyboard tray is large enough to fit a full-sized keyboard and mouse, mousepad, and other small accessories, greatly reducing desk clutter.

Ergonomic design

It provides the best positioning for your wrist and arms to enable maximum comfort while standing and sitting. The tray extends a maximum of 8.5“ from the edge of your desk and holds up to 15 lbs.

Metal c-clamp

A robust metal C-clamp allows you to easily attach the keyboard tray to your standing desk without the need for any screws or tools. Before purchasing, please make sure that your desk surface does not exceed a thickness of 2.1".

Easy to use

The keyboard tray is easily slid in and out from under your desk for your convenience, and features a non-slip surface that ensures your keyboard wont slide around unexpectedly.

Easy to attach

Installation is easy with all necessary hardware and instructions included in the box, with the installation process as simple as tightening down a thumb screw clamp. No need for any screws or tools!

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