This Black Friday Make Working from Home Easy with a Standing Desk E8

26 November, 2021

This Black Friday, why not buy an item that will change your entire working life.

Instead of bending over backwards to get ahead in the shops, why not simply log on to and give your back the break it deserves.

There, you can purchase the Standing Desk E8 for only £309.99.

This is the desk that the Independent described as the best standing desk out there, giving it an overall rating of 9/10. It will change how you work and for a limited time only, you can purchase it with over 25 percent off its normal price.

It is easy to install, full of clever features and overall, it is just ergonomically brilliant.

The Independent review heaped praise on its ease of use, stating that it “combines one of the most efficient motorised mechanisms (out there) with straightforward assembly, which won’t take more than an hour.”

The E8 is Flexispot's flagship desk, so they really want you to experience it and all its wonders as soon as possible. 

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Easy To Assemble And Use

Standing Desk E8

When you get any piece of furniture, you don’t want to have to spend loads of time putting it together.

Thankfully, as the above review states, it shouldn’t take you much time at all. Most people will be able to assemble this desk in less than an hour.

Not only that, when it is put together, it is easy to use. That is true, no matter what your preferred height.

The Standing Desk E8 allows for extra flexibility, letting you choose your desired height, from 60cm to 125cm.

Its motorized adjustment is a thing of beauty and will allow you to find the perfect working height for your desk. It also allows you to change from standing, to sitting, with ease.

Stable & Sturdy

The fear many people have with standing desks is that they will not be able to hold the required amount of weight when at their highest point.

The E8, with its three-stage frame design, doesn’t have that issue at all. It is incredibly sturdy and more than capable of carrying a big load.

Thanks to its dual motor lifting system and solid base, this desk can hold a weight of up to 125kg.

This is ideal if you work with more than one desktop monitor and it also provides a piece of mind that you don’t get with many of the competitor’s options.

You Are in Control

Working from home can be hectic at times, but the E8 allows to stay in control of your workspace.

It comes with a premium LED display keypad, with four presets for your desk. Not only does this look great, but it also works incredibly well.

The four presets are brilliant if it is a home with more than one user, as different heights will suit different users. It also has a built-in cable management groove, which ensures your desk stays free of stray cables.

As for other clutter, you will have to look after that yourself!


Standing Desk E8

It is a phenomenally flexible piece of furniture, which can be moved around the home and used for different jobs, by different people, at different times.

Of course, if you are moving the desk, you will want to ensure that you are not knocking over plants or driving over an unlucky pet. Thankfully, the standing desk E8 comes with an innovative anti-collision detector.

Its soft rounded edges are another safety feature, as well as a child lock, which allows you to lock the desk at a certain height.

Long Lasting & Beautifully Designed

Did you know that bamboo has twice the durability of ordinary wood?

It should also be noted that yes, the E8 is made with a long-lasting bamboo finish. It also comes with a lacquer coating, which help it resist scratches and other marks from water, and insects.

You can even choose it in classic black or white, so you can ensure it goes beautifully in your home with the rest of your décor.

On top of all that, it even comes with a three-year warranty for its motors and a five-year warranty for its frame. Thus, you can purchase it with the piece of mind of knowing that it will last well into the future.


We are all searching for that perfect Black Friday bargain.

However, it is unlikely you will find another one as good as this. That is because, a quality standing desk can help improve your health, your work life and even your home.

The experts are calling the Standing Desk E8 ‘the best’, so why would you settle for one of the rest?

This Black Friday, get a Standing Desk E8 for only £309.99. That is twenty six percent off its normal price.

Get on it now, as this is a bargain that won’t last forever. 

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