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Why Stand Desks Are The Best Option For Children

08 March 2022

Children spend more time at their desks than ever before. Desks are no longer just somewhere for your child to sit for a few hours each night while they do their homework. Most children now spend the majority of their time at their desks, either doing schoolwork, playing games, or just chilling.

However, there can be a lot of problems with plopping your child down at a desk and expecting them to be comfortable.

You could be promoting serious back pain and other long-term issues in your children if you aren't careful. A great way to avoid this is to give them a standing desk instead.

Here’s why standing desks might just be the very best option for children.

Thing To Consider When Choosing Your Child’s Desk

When purchasing your desk for your child, it can be tempting to simply go with the desk that they have chosen. However, your child is likely to have chosen their favorite desk purely based on its looks or a few cool features that it has.

Of course, while it is important to take your child's opinion into account, you also need to consider the desk's ergonomics and whether it is suitable for their smaller size. Most desks are designed for adults and are typically tested on what is considered to be the average; usually a 5 foot 6 inches to 6-foot male.

The average adult desk is unlikely to be comfortable for children to sit and for long periods of time. Younger children will find themselves struggling to reach the back of their desks and having to stretch their arms at uncomfortable angles in order to use their mouse and keyboard.

There is also the issue of the desk's height – taller desks can cause children to be unable to reach the floor with their feet, as well as inducing some serious problems with their posture.

How Your Child’s Desk Affects Their Posture

We might not realize it, but our posture affects how we walk, sit, and lie. Good posture can minimize pain long-term joint problems and improve flexibility. On the other hand, bad posture can leave us feeling achy, stiff, and uncomfortable.

While we might notice the adverse effects of bad posture more as we get older, it is not important for children. In fact, good posture is essential for children as they grow and can have a significant impact on their physical health later in life.

Improperly sized chairs, desks that are too high, and computer equipment not designed for children's use can be seriously damaging for developing bodies.

Instead of a static, fixed-height desk, why not consider a standing desk instead?

Why Adjustable Desks Are Best For Children

Desks can be expensive, especially when purchasing one that has been specifically designed for children, and therefore you ideally want them to last as long as possible. The problem is that children are continuously growing, meaning that a desk that might have been perfect for your child when you purchased it does not match their needs a year on.

An adjustable standing desk is the best option for children, especially younger children, as its height can be adjusted as they grow. A standing desk also gives your child the freedom to switch between sitting and standing depending on what they are doing at their desk.

This additional freedom lets the child pick their own comfort preference, allowing them to switch between standing or sitting based on their personal needs.

Helping to avoid long-term back problems might just be the best gift you can give your child if you care about them.

There are also a whole host of other benefits of buying your child a standing desk as well.

Hidden Benefits Of Standing Desks

Other great benefits of standing desks aren’t just limited to freedom of mobility and customizability, though.

Standing desks tend to be higher-tech and thus likely have extra features to make a child's life better.

Things like built-in USB ports and customizable desk features, such as footrests, built-in desktops, or even differently heightened screens with the mounts built into the desk, are all an option o help improve a child's desk experience.

Whether for schoolwork, playing games, or just as a way to communicate with the outside world and socialize, having a good desk setup is vital for the good development of a child's mental and physical wellbeing.

So the next time you are thinking of buying a desk for your kid, why not consider a standing desk instead of the more typical and usually uncomfortable, fixed height desks?

They might be more expensive, but they are a lot more comfortable as well.