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Why Monitor Mounts are a Must-Buy for your Office Space

17 February 2022

A monitor mount is a sturdy but adaptable ergonomic arm that holds your display in place. Unlike typical monitor stands, which lock your display in place, a monitor mount enables you to move and alter the height, angle, and position of your monitor.

If you have two monitors, you may utilize monitor mounts to place them in the optimal configuration for simple viewing and viewing comfort. Monitor mounts let you arrange your displays however you like, which provides a number of advantages for your convenience, efficiency, and work habits.

Why Should You Invest in a Monitor Mount?

If you're still working only on a laptop, you're undoubtedly squandering a lot of time each day. It may be annoying to move between many windows while attempting to finish a single easy activity. With a monitor mount, you can divide your windows across two monitors. Two monitor mounts are even better; with three displays, you can organize your windows and files so that they are easy to find, examine, and modify. You'll be shocked at how much more efficient your job will be when you add a monitor mount to your workstation.

We've all had the sensation of being immersed in a project for hours on end, only to get a terrible stiff neck. A monitor mount may alleviate this pain. With a normal, immovable monitor stand, your display is fixed in one position, which is often the incorrect one for you. A monitor that is too high or too low will require you to strain your neck into unnatural positions in order to see it.

A monitor mount enables you to adjust your display's height, angle, and depth to the best ergonomic position for your body. To be in an ergonomically ideal posture, you should be able to gaze directly at your display without looking up or down, and your neck should be relaxed.

Staring at a computer for long periods may result in fatigued, dry eyes, especially if the device is too near or too far away from your face. Prevent chronic eye strain by adjusting your display's ergonomic positioning with a monitor mount. It should be at arm's length from your face, with the monitor's top slightly angled away from you.

Flexispot Has the Solution to your Problems

Flexispot monitor desk mounts have a gas spring hovering technology that enables seamless adjustment. These arms contribute to increased viewing comfort and alleviate pressure on the eyes, back, and neck. They make it simple to share screens with colleagues, rotate monitors to portrait mode, decrease glare, conserve space, and create the most comfortable settings for your requirements. Adjustable height meets the ergonomic requirements of more than 90% of individuals.

The dual monitor desk mount is height adjustable on the vertical pole, allowing for a more ergonomic and streamlined workplace arrangement. You can effortlessly adjust the monitors on your desk to the optimal height and angle for your sitting position. By improving your posture, you may avoid neck, shoulder, and back problems. The pole is 40 centimeters in length.

Additionally, this monitor arm swivels and tilts to give an optimal viewing angle. Each screen may be adjusted 15 degrees up or down and swivels 360 degrees in various areas. The high-performance design accommodates up to ten kg per monitor.

Two monitors may be mounted next to one another with this desk mount. It saves desk space and accommodates the two displays' distinct functions. They may be mounted horizontally or vertically, and the 360-degree swivel plates allow you to reposition your displays at any time.

For easy installation, your monitor mount comes with durable C-clamp and grommet mount bases. Install your new mount in less than 5 minutes and enjoy the freedom of movement without fear of it falling loose. The C-Clamp Base has an integrated double lock that assures a secure attachment to the desk. This dual-monitor stand is compatible with PCs up to a thickness of 10 cm. The arms are attached using clips that allow for convenient cable management.

The arm adjusts effortlessly to accommodate an ergonomic workspace, allowing you to sit more comfortably at your desk while decreasing neck, eye, and back strain. You can also extend or retract the monitor arm and spin the monitor in landscape or portrait mode.

The flexible monitor mount arm rotates 360 degrees, enabling you to change the direction of your display from landscape to portrait. Utilize portrait mode to view lengthier passages of text or code without having to scroll as often. The user should adjust the screw in the direction of the appropriate weight scale to balance the weight of the mount and monitor and ensure that the monitor stops at any height.